Go back in time to Medevi

Medevi Well hold high the banner when it comes to keeping traditions alive. Still, one can experience water dispensing and porridge trot with brass orchestra, says Åsa Ahlin.

Leave TV:n and cell phone for a while, and go back in time. On Medevi Brunn, The oldest health spa dating from the 1700s, you can experience what it was like to stay at the hotel well in a bygone era. It kept the history and traditions alive and besides the famous health-giving water, it is perhaps above all the tranquility and closeness to nature that it is healing. Asa Ahlin, raised in Motala, working here and tell you that many wedding- and conference guests are attracted by the beautiful environment.

Medevi Palace is open all year round, for booked companion, different accommodation-
options both in basic rooms, suites and hostels. Besides the well program in summer with the recurring porridge lunken offered a rich program of activities with the opportunity to try outdoor activities that belonged to the old time, as skittle, throw ring, boules and dropping struggle. You can also go kayaking and swimming in the outdoor spa. Porridge Lunken said to be an experience of a lifetime, and marched every night before bedtime to the tune of Medevi Brunn Orchestra, a brass sextet that has existed since 1870 and plays on contemporary instruments.

For those who want to get more experiences in Motala recommended Varamobaden, which is an elongated beach.