Johan welcome in the harbor

In Vadstena marina, we find John Lindell, who is really a public face for all those who come to Vadstena by boat or camper. He is the Harbor Master in Vadstena marina and is also responsible for set locations adjacent to the harbor. It seats 50 summer campers, 30 when the boats are on the country. The marina has space for 55 boats says Johan, but tells of a magical summer evening three years Sedam when he and his aides managed to squeeze in the whole 98 boats in the harbor.
- The last boat came in at 22 o'clock. it was also Nostalgia Evening, so it was full of people. All helped each other to get into the boats. I have always worked eftet motto that no one should have to turn in Vadstena marina because it is full. Since we are a manned harbor, we put the boats right and then you can get more. There is a family atmosphere in the harbor, many who visit it has been there before and feel at home. During a season pass approximately 1500 boats' plus some roamers ", Johan Lindell says. The port offers the usual services with toilet, showers, filling and cream.
- The only thing missing if one may wish, would be well sauna, says Johan Lindell. Annan service, shops, Located just a stone's throw from the harbor – everything is close. Both the port and set the sites are very popular and are listed högt.Gästhamnen reported to be in the top three of Europe's most beautiful inlet, something vadstena residents could take part in the winter when the ice lay so even landlubbers could see the city from the most beautiful side.
- It was like sitting in a boat to go out on the ice, you could see the college, asylums, Rödtornet, Castle, monastery kyrkan, I hela apartment. Foreign tourists who arrive by boat are often amazed by the port's location next to the castle, tells Lindell, amazed that they can put their boat next to a historic royal palace. The question of what is the best Vadstena is difficult, there is so much. Johan Lindell mentions that the city has become better at mixing high culture and popular culture, you can both go on Vadstena Academy operas and pop concerts. There is also a nice trade, no chain stores but small stores where everything on offer are carefully selected and hand-picked.
- It is good for both customers and the environment, Johan concludes Lindell. Johan Lindell's port captain in Vadstena marina, but is also responsible for the popular set location next to the harbor.