Experience Vättern from the sea

Olaf Svensson in Motala has lived with and Vättern in the 40 years 2017. Since 15 years, he Motala Channel Traffic AB. As skipper of M / S Kung Sverker he wants to give people a lovely sjöupplevelse, not least, to all those who do not have your own boat.

- Sometimes the board Mota Labor who say they lived here for lots of years but never been out on Vättern, says Olaf.
- When they see of Motala, or when we slip into up to the castle in Vadstena, they become impressed. And it's simply a great lake. We travel the drinking water.
M / S Kung Sverker provides Olaf Svensson nature cruises on Lake Vättern u-der all summer. Similarly, along the canal. Since the skipper is both guide and a good storyteller, it will be particularly interesting and instructive for passengers.
- And, I usually tell if the channel's history, and on islands and other interesting out there on Vättern. Half is certainly true, Olaf said with a broad smile.

Motala Bay's beautiful islands
During a three-hour cruise, passengers experience Motala Bay's beautiful islands, Fjuk, Åholmen and Sandön.
- On small Fjuk lived once upon a time 22 people. There was even a school with a teacher, says Olaf Svensson, and the story is true.

King Sverker passengers can also take advantage of the exciting story when Olaf Svensson and his brother Ake found the wreck of Eric Nordevall, paddle steamer that sank in Vättern 1856. Olaf pointing out the site and tells how the brothers as young amateur divers managed to find the wreck as many others have been looking for for years. Now the ship's history preserved in Forsvik which also Eric Nordevall II has been built up, and takes passengers out on the waters of Lake Vättern.
Cruise on the canal
Olaf Svensson and M / S Kung Sverkers main nutrient is tours on the canal. During the trip passed several cultural fields, as the channel founder Baltzar von Platen grave, Motala Ström, Charlottenborg Castle and Motala old factory site.
It also includes locks in Borenshult, that the channel is steepest and which consists of five connected locks with a total height difference of more than 15 meter.
A spectacular experience only the. And of course offer skipper Olaf Svensson of interesting stories about the locks and the entire canal's creation.
Vättern archipelago
"Sweden's most secret archipelago." So called Vättern archipelago that is both nature reserves and eco-park. It is about 250 Islands, islets and rocks, waiting for visitors. And you do not have your own boat to take you there.
Throughout the summer season, take the M / S Wettervik passengers out in the unique freshwater archipelago. Passenger boat has Askersund home port, and here is both longer and shorter cruises. M / S Wettervik can also be chartered for parties outside in the beautiful archipelago, or even to a wedding. Captain Johan Bergsten have the right to marry couples together both on board and ashore.
A boat for all
The company Askersunds Skärgårdstrafik AB and boat M / S Wettervik run by Johan and Marita Bergsten. Their guiding theme is.
- We work with the motto "A boat for all". Therefore, we have always worked with accessibility modifications, so that even people with different functional variations can get out on the lake, says Johan Bergsten.
For many Askersundsbor is M / S Wettervik, and even the company's smaller boat Dot, a way to occasionally get out of Vättern.
- Many will come and do a tour or more with us every summer. We also have many bus groups from all over central Sweden.
Johan Bergsten realizes he has a beautiful workplace:
- And, undoubtedly the fine. It's really beautiful out there, clear water and a fantastic nature. It's fun to be able to offer passengers this, he means.
S / S Traffic Hjo
In Hjo are S / S Trafik, one of the oldest and best preserved steamboat. The vessel is K-labeled by the National Maritime Museum and were judged to have "an extremely great historical value".
Traffic driven by the NGO Society S / S Trafficking Friends, caring and sailing ship. The tours go in the summer to Visingsö. One day a year, you can go on the steamer's original route between Hjo and Hästholmen. It takes place in conjunction with the Craft Fair in Hjo. Once a year, made another trip over Vättern, when Vadstena.
Rent a boat or kayak
Kersti Beck Larsson's tourism strategist at Askersund and himself an enthusiastic kayakers.
- I have paddled in many places, both in Sweden and abroad, but nothing beats a kayak trip on Lake Vättern, she means.
There, you can see three-four meters straight down into the blue. One can take a mug of water directly from the lake without being worried about the quality. It offers pristine nature along the beaches and islands, and a fantastic bird life.
To Kersti Beck Larsson thrive there is no doubt. She also encourages others to the same interest by developing kayak routes and keep the kayak courses and group trips.
Kersti Beck Larsson's favorites for a kayak tour:
• outside the nature reserve Utnäset. It offers low cutting and islets. And it raises the gaze is so big Vättern there outside.
• Price Uddar.
• Rödgavelns cave outside Omberg.
To remember: Make canoe trip to your ability. Paddle never alone. Keep track of the weather (winds). Have the phone and extra clothes in watertight cases.
Olshammars picturesque harbor
An excellent way to get out on the lake Vättern with canoe, kayak or a small boat is to start Olshammars small and picturesque boat- and marina. From here can be reached easily and quickly, "Sweden's most secret archipelago", with lots of big and small islands. Natural ports found on most of them. On some of the islands, it is also allowed to stay overnight in tents or shelters.
At Large Aspön, those who want to step ashore and stretch their legs along a trail around the island. Well here there must not be missed idyllic Great and Little Hjortholmarna who are boaters favorite.
Here among all the islands, visitors can experience natural fluctuations, both calm and drama. And abundant wildlife. With luck, hovering above the sea eagle against a blue sky.
Hiring a boat
Do you want to rent a boat, canoe, kayak or perhaps standup paddle board? There are many providers around Vättern. The best way to find them is to make contact with any of the current tourist offices, or to visit local sites. And if you rent: Think about safety, be careful, take no risks, making the road map on the lake for your own ability.