Turistambassadörerna: New café in the station house in Sya

Name: Erika Frost
Age: 35 years 2017
Bor: in the upper floor of the station building in Sya
Family: Jonas Frost who is also the chef and co-owner of the cafe, a baby and a station tax called Borje
Unexpected special interest: love gardening and farming

Erika Frost has devoted his life to kocka, cook and bake. It was in the summer 2017 the couple Frost by chance fell for the station at Sya. They were immediately in love with the house and the place. Shortly after they moved in, they opened the Open New Doors Bahnhof is a café, restaurant and bakery with a focus on organic, locally and 100% herbal.
- We thought it would be pretty easy the first summer. It is special what we do with completely plant-based, mostly locally grown and organic food. But on the inauguration came 500 guests! says Erika. Is it difficult to get your hands on locally produced and organic?
- It has been easy to get everything. 95% of what we sell is organic. In summer, more than half of the vegetables from the neighboring farms!

Sya is located about seven kilometers from Mjölby and three minutes from the E4:an.
- It 's beautiful. We have a river beside which gives the feeling of closeness to the water, where you can swim. The district is extremely friendly. We were received with open arms, Erika says enthusiastically. Visitors looking for outdoor adventure can go the way down to Svartån. There is a public beach. Very close is also the "House of Nostalgia" that has flea market and selling retro stuff like jukeboxes and similar. In summer open even more flea its doors near.