Turistambassadörerna: Many irons in the fire at the cradle of Swedish industry


Name: Charlotta Haskovec
Job: driver Kanalbutikerna 5 knots and Sail In, Executive Director of All Sweden shall live, Skaraborg, Vice Chairman Charles's tourism AB, member of Forsviks friskola, responsible for setting the location in Forsvik plus various associations
Age: 49 years 2017
Bor: Forsviks then 2002
Family: partner, two children
unexpected interest: reading is my rest and baking. Baking is a way for me to gather strength.

When I meet Charlotta Haskovec I am struck by how like quiver around her. With bright eyes she exclaims:
- The hardest thing is to prioritize. There are too few hours in the day!
She gets a quickly understand that about her, things happen. The commitment to a living countryside is one of her strongest motivations. Charlotta talk about their top tips for visitors coming to Forsvik and Karlsborg:
- When it comes to nature, the absolute best advice a visit to Tiveden National Park. Here is the silence. For cultural experiences, it's Fors Mill and Karlsborg Fortress is obvious attractions. Forsviks industrial environment is beautiful in an original and authentic way. Best places to eat in the Forsviks cafe and Food and Tivedens food. Best accommodation currently available at the Hotel Villa Gota, a newly renovated luxury hotel in Forsvik. There is also a very nice outdoor center in Granvik Granvik called Event. For example, you can go RIB here. The canal is otherwise the main reason for both sailors and drawn to forsvik. Sing with guest artists at the canal at Karlsborg during Fridays in July attracts lots. The area around Ombo island attracts with its beauty, the docks för private and coastal feeling.
To Charlotta has strong interest in rural areas comes from the fact that she grew up there. She has always seen the advantages of living in the country. - There is fresh air and no stress. A great value lies in being close to nature, and following the change of seasons. It gives a broader view of life. Charlotte's wish is that more people will discover it. Therefore, she wants to work for us to live, live and work in rural areas.