Turistambassadörerna: Species-rich nature surrounds the hostel

Name: Hanna Theel
Age: 38 years 2017
Bor: Houses in Alvastra, Omberg
Family: Bjorn and daughters Allie and Olivia
Unexpected special interest: I'm basically a trained make-up artist.

Omberg and the unique, species-rich countryside around Lake Vättern has always had a special attraction. Congregate here in both natural- which literature- and spiritual and enthusiasts from near and far. In the center Omberg Ecopark is Stocklycke hostel run by Hanna Theel. She loves to receive and meet the guests who will.
- This year, the season started early! Back in March, it has begun to move, Also weather point. The wild wild garlic have looked forward, that we will be on, as nettle and other.

Hanna has worked in the industry since 2010, when she and her husband Bjorn bought the old parish house at Takern they carefully renovated to start hostels. Tåkern hostel has won several awards in the STF:annual polls, and 2016 became the year's hostel. Many bird watchers go to the lake Takern the season. 2018 the couple took over the hostel in Stocklycke Hanna now chosen to focus on. Here you wake up to the sound of babbling brooks and birdsong, and the café serves homemade cakes and light meals with organic, local grown vegetables. From Stocklycke based long hiking trails, Nearby is Ellen Key Beach villa with the expansive beech wood, Alvastra ruin and Vadstena. New this year is a start-up micro-brewery - Omma brewery - which will produce local brewed beers with different flavors, including spruce shoots. In naturum opened at Tåkern 2014 Estelle's eventful fairytale trail.
- Our children never tire of going on with all the fine wooden animals, hidden in nature, end Hanna.