The forest attracts 100 000 visitors

Tiveden National Park in northern Vättern attracts each year around 100 000 visitors. There are forest trails and lakes, yes a versatile nature. Tiveden is a much larger area than the National Park and also houses the nature reserve Fagertärn, known for its unique red water lilies.

Morning fog over Östgöta Bay, big Triangle. Tiveden dress in all seasons!

It is early morning in July. The smell of pine and fresh strikes against me, when I step out of the car at Vitsand in Tiveden National Park. The dog shakes impatiently for themselves while I fumble with the leash. We will take a morning walk to Tärnekullen. If only a few hours will Vitsand be filled with bathers, but not yet. So far, the Grand Trehörningens amber water still. No kids tearing up the smooth surface as they wade in the shallow, tepid water. On the way down to the lake, we pass the newly built toilets and changing rooms. Environmental Protection Agency and the provincial government has invested heavily, in addition to the available facilities is a wooden deck down to the water and along a bit of beach. Another wide footbridge leads through the woods up to the Junker Jägare stone. There is easy to get around with a stroller as well as a walker and wheelchair. But the dog and I have a good deal more challenging walk ahead.

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We leave the wooden deck and the light at the beach behind us. Soon we are surrounded by old trees and moss. It's cooler in the shade of the trees, but where the sun looking down steams moss of dew. The hiking trails in the national park is appreciated. 100 000 visitors annually tread these paths and many come back. The mythical forest with its ravines and boulders, seems to have a special place in the hearts of people. I am considering further, for Tiveden is also my heart forest, but why? What is it Tiveden that puts so strongly of the guests as well as locals?

Boulders left behind by the ice, creates powerful and imaginative formations around the woods.

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I awakened from my thoughts that we arrive at Vitsandsgrottorna. For 8000 years ago, the ice boulders along the steep Tärnekullens. Ever since then they stand piled pell-mell on one another and between blocks the trail. Soon, we stand above the boulders and looks out over Vitsandstärnarna. I take a breather, gears up for the continued climb. The next piece is much steeper. But once on top, is the view of the endless woods and the company of old-growth pine the crooked crowns, all worthwhile. We're sitting there on a stone, I and the dog. The questions from the woods below makes itself felt. Maybe it's the contrast that makes it. Here you will find everything from the wildest forest, to ekängar, use and cultural landscape. It is a vibrant community with several operators offering accommodation, local food, crafts, riding excursions, paddling, biking, pub evenings with music, guide tours and game safaris. Tiveden is so much larger than the national park, yes no matter how long you are here there is always something more to discover.