Verner, Birgitta and good food

Britt Louise Otter and Wassim Hanina behind Olshammar farm buffets with delicacies vätterlax and crayfish.

Olshammar estate in Narke overlooking Vättern, is known that it was the author Verner von Heidenstams childhood home. The farm leased today by Britt-Louise Otter, as for 25 years ago with their historical interest and restaurant training, came here and began building the business available today. She may be the history both of Heidenstamsgatan and Saint Birgitta, when Birgitta church is located right next to the farm. The manor house with rooms for rent and restaurant is open all year round with daily tours of the church and Heidenstams memorial. In his memoirs, "When the chestnuts bloomed" he tells us about his childhood and life on the farm. Many visitors go on to Övralid north of Motala, where he spent his last years, says Britt-Louise. By Tiveden are several beautiful hiking- and the pilgrim routes leading on to Vadstena on the other side Vättern.
- We also cooperate with the boat Wettervik operating Vättern with its 250 Islands. Much of the restaurant- and catering business is tied to nearby Munksjö Aspa mill, pulp mill employing 220 people. It is also popular among conference guests to book in for crayfish.
- Then take the local professional angler with the visitors on an island where they can lay out and baiting lobster cages. The catch is cooked on the farm and can be taken home the following morning. Britt Louise own favorite spot is Sandhamn - it is south of the community and is a natural harbor with beach - where can you get some for himself.