Self-sufficient organic farm

David Appelgren.

Omberg is one of the country's most visited natural areas with a large eco-park and the vast beech forests are nature reserves. At the foot of the mountain lies Omberg organic farm and live here David and Royal Appelgren as they learn. Three years ago the couple moved here.
- We were looking for a place where we could begin to grow and to live self-sufficient. The soil around Omberg is very fertile and there are many, Also large-scale organic agriculture, says David Appelgren who believe it is due to an increased knowledge of old traditions and the natural cycle. In three years, a lot has happened. David is the first in the country that succeeded in quinoa cultivation. As chairman of the Swedish Hemp Association, he is also busy with lectures and training days on how to take advantage of even this ancient culture- and crop plant, which is a super crop in terms of its versatility and its high nutrient content. Since a few years, David works actively to promote Swedish food craftsmanship. He propagates to take advantage of Swedish produce and want to raise the level of food by spreading knowledge about the quality and matfusk.
– 90 percent of the apple crops in our gardens rotting away. So it is not in Latvia Institute come from or in Germany and Switzerland, where particularly the older generation learned to utilize and preserve. Together, David and Royal experimented own products they sold successfully, as hemp hemp butter o steaks and Nordic hummus on wild garlic and local cultured yellow peas, flavored with yeast own cider vinegar. In the spring, it is time to drop the birches sap and then do the sour sap. To engage local people organized tours where you learn to utilize wild plants. The shelves in the farm shop empties quickly, but they do not want to hire more people.
- We believe in small scale of what we do will be characterized by care and love. In the current situation must be contact us via facebook page if you want to come for a visit, are interested in any product or want to know more about us and our business.