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“Of all the gold places in my summer basket, I choose Karlsborg ”, said a visitor last summer. Here in Karlsborg, there is everything for the enjoyer of life, but also everything for it adventurous. Long beaches, good dining experiences, relaxing boat trips, paddling, horseback riding, high altitude course and hiking are just a few examples. For the water lover, Karlsborg is a paradise – here it is difficult not to be near the water. The healthy Lake Vättern is at your disposal with its wonderful archipelago Ombo islands, Göta canal attracts with fishing and boat trips and the quiet small lakes in Tiveden offer a calm far out in the wilderness. Forsvik as with its mill and Göta Kanal's oldest lock, invites to an exciting story. Even more adventure awaits at Karlsborg Fortress. It offers fast-paced guided tours for the whole family, or learn more about the captivating history of the historic adventure tour, So what are you waiting for? Welcome to experience the summer in Karlsborg!

Karlsborg Fortress
The mighty fortress located on Vanäs Udde in Lake Vättern began to be built 1819. The site was proposed by General and Vice Admiral Baltzar von Platen, who was also the initiator of the Göta canal project. The idea was that government, parliament and royal houses would come here, and the Riksbank's gold reserve would also be kept here in the event of war. The gold reserve has also been housed in one of the Fortress' cellars during modern times. During World War II was kept 140 tons of gold on the fortress.
Today it is one of Sweden's largest and best preserved fortresses with its own museum, guided tours, exciting activities, shops and restaurants. Inside the stately walls, adventure awaits everyone, no matter the age!

Tiveden is Sweden's nearest wilderness.
Tiveden National Park spreads over 20km² of untouched forest land mixed with lakes, caves and large boulders. Here, forests have been deliberately preserved in a way that is unusual in Sweden nowadays. In Tiveden, the magical wilderness awaits, inviting you to magnificent nature. Here you have incredible opportunities for hiking, cycling, rida, paddle, fish or go on high altitude course. Perfect for those who are experienced or want to try the real outdoor life!

Is the idyll with picturesque mill buildings and Göta Kanal's oldest single lock. Enjoy the shining water, the smell of coffee from the cafes, the local shops' local offerings or a good ice cream while you watch the boats make their way through the lock. The lock that is built 1813, is not only Göta Kanal's oldest but also the highest as it has a drop height of 3,5 meter. Forsviks Bruk has an incredible industrial history, here the Swedish engineer Jan Ericsson once invented the propeller. Today, there are still activities at the mill at the same time as you can follow the mill's history, from the first steps to today at the Mill Museum. Together, this creates a Gold Place with a really genuine charm!

Welcome to experience Guldplats Karlsborg, here there is something for everyone!

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