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N58 32'27.00″
E14 30'21.02″

with a total of 340 km beach lines provides Karlsborgs municipality almost inexhaustible opportunities for swimming- och beaching! Choose from a refreshing swim in Vättern or swim a little warmer and any of the smaller lakes!

During the summer it is a lovely mix of people in Karlsborg vicinity. Göta Canal, Karlsborg Fortress, Forsviks use, Tiveden and a wonderful nature with a lot of experience attracting tens of thousands of people to our area every summer!

But the rest of the year has a lot to offer: A stroll around the surrounding forests and find that special place where chanterelles golden color ground, or just sit on a stump and enjoy the tranquility and a packed picnic basket gives rest to the soul.

All year round there are great opportunities for fishing in all our lakes. During the winter there are lovely ski trails - and for those who want the speed and offers Stenkällegården a lovely ski resort.

The fortress
Karlsborg Fortress, with a circumference of not less than 5 km built as part of the s.k.centralförsvarsplanen. The canal bottom should facilitate all transport. In peacetime, the fortress would operate as stores fortress in times of trouble to protect the kingdom- family, government, Crown Jewels and the Riksbank's gold reserve.
In it 678 m long end of the battlements is Fortress Museum and the Garrison Church. Around the Fortress Square, you will find cozy shops, cafes and ticketing to guided tours.
The historic adventure tour is a guided tour full of surprises and exciting effects. Knowledgeable guides will take you down into the underground passages, where the smoke is dense and the guns rumble.

Raiders of the lost gold reserve
is an exciting adventure in which you must solve problems and find keys to find the gold and become the fortress hero! www.karlsborgsturism.se

Forsvik is an amazing and vibrant industrial historical environment that you experience through unique buildings, exhibitions and guided tours. It also has paddle steamer Eric Nordevall II, its home port. Forsvik is also the canal's oldest and highest lock

Granvik and Tiveden
North of Karlsborg is Granvik and Gran's Visit Centre - the perfect starting point for hiking adventures. Tiveden's National Park and from the Information Center in the park starts various hiking trails.

Göta Canal
The canal can be experienced in many ways. On board one of our passenger boats, by boat or maybe a canoe? More and more people still choose to follow the canal by bike on the car-free old towpaths. Choose between complete packages or bike on their own.

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