Love and ecologically secret of the good ice cream

After last year's awards year matentreprenör in New York as well as Entrepreneur of the Year in Gränna there has been a tumultuous time, tells glass factory owner Anders Ahlenius. Sales have doubled and interest Grenna Glass has increased noticeably. And as well eaten it can understand success.

This is how real ice cream tastes, which was also the reason why the company started seven years ago, says Anders Ahlenius. - The home of our family, we lacked a really good ice cream and began to experiment our way using only natural ingredients without additives. Sure, it gets a little more work and costs a little more but it's worth it. The secret is perhaps that they use organic milk from a local farmer and eggs from happy hens in Aneby. Grenna ice cream was originally a family business, but now it's just mom Gullan that helps.

Festive name
The number of dealers is increasing steadily as ice cream are both in some supermarkets but especially in farm shops which is a deliberate niche, says Anders Ahlenius, who seems keen to promote small-scale and local. The names of ice creams are also festive and arouse curiosity – as Gammelfarfars gubbaglass, The pastor bitter pistachio, Elder Light lemon kisses and Coffee girls temptation. Vega series have names like Backyard berries, tracking, love & understanding och Vegan is the new black. Grenna ice cream is very happy about the positive response and keen customer reactions. Anyone who wants to is welcome into the shop and the cozy café in central Gränna to discuss or even suggest a new flavor. - We experiment all the time, for it is possible to make ice cream on virtually everything, says Anders Ahlenius. But the catch is that it should taste good too.. - A new feature this year is peas, we'll see if we succeed in this,. Last year was a rhubarb ice cream a success, but also depend on the availability. - There is a lot of work with the, to clear, hack and concoct. But the taste is very interesting with the mixture of acid and sweetness.

Would not be great
The company has grown continuously and now employs three people in winter and ten in summer. - We produce all year round, but in summer demand increases and when it is full up, so we start to prepare for the spring and have expanded our freezer space. Anders Ahlenius think it's funny, but would not be too great. - It's part of the concept that we do not want to get too large-scale, but to preserve the vicinity of everything and personality in what we do. What is your favorite-
taste? - But that's like asking what one's favorite child! It is impossible to answer, says Anders Ahlenius, and notes that changes what is the favorite.

TEXT: Had Aalto