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Destination Jönköping
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Match Museum, Match Alley 27
Scandic Grand Hotel, Hotel Plan
Villa Björkhagen, Friggagatan 31
Grand Hotel, Hovrättstorget 1
Granite, Östra Storgatan 8
Familjen Ericssons City Hotel, West Main Street 25A
hotel Savoy, Brunnsgatan 13-15
First Hotel, Ryhovsgatan 3-5
Vox Hotel, Lantmätargränd 2C
The municipal reception, Juneporten

Husqvarna Museum, Hakarpsvägen 1
Huskvarna Stadshotell, Erik Dahlbergsgatan 20
Rudenstams Shop and Café, brown 50

Hotel Taberg, East Rautatiekatu 1

Opening hours outside the places of regular times.

Jönköping is beautifully situated along the southern shore of Lake Vättern. Here you can enjoy exciting history, beach life and nature. Jönköping city center consists of cozy alleys and canals that open to the three lakes. In the old industrial community Huskvarna, east of Jonkoping, is a wealth of cultural treasures to discover.

Central Jönköping offers a wide range of shops and nice restaurants. The pier is one of Jönköping waterhole, a place for food, relaxation or just an ice cream in the sun on perhaps Sweden's longest park sofa. From the pier extends boardwalk, a stretch of sandy beach several kilometers long along the crystal clear waters of Lake Vätten.

Right in the center of Jönköping at Munksjön north-eastern shore atoll. Here you will find restaurants, cafes and shops. Also at Asecs you can explore several larger and smaller store chains. The shopping center has approx 80 stores, open seven days a week, all year round and is conveniently located along the E4. Recently, Jönköping has been marked as a Mecca of sushi restaurants. If you long for healthy and good food with Asian influences, then you have come to the right place. In addition to sushi, there are lots of restaurants with different food cultures and with high quality. Eat on site or take with you as a take-away to a wonderful place, maybe along the water.

If you are looking for a place to explore by bike, you have come to the right place! Jönköping and the surrounding area is as made to experience from the bicycle saddle. Enjoy the mile-long views, the rolling landscape and the cozy figs along the way. Whether you cycle south towards Taberg, west along the heights above Bankeryd, east up Klevaliden or north up on Grännaberget, it is in principle impossible not to pass a magnificent vantage point. If you are looking for something a little more challenging, there are several MTB tracks with different design and difficulty.

Jönköping offers many beautiful views. If you want to experience a wonderful view of the city, there are several viewpoints you can get to. Some of them are Taberg's top in Taberg, The water supply park, Brunstorpsberget or Utsikten in Huskvarna. Perfect as an excursion destination together with a good picnic basket in good company.

The district of Huskvarna has grown up around its world-renowned industrial. Today, visitors are attracted to Husqvarna Museum, where products such as rifles are displayed, motorcycles, stoves, sewing machines and much more as below 325 year manufactured at the mill. Right next door is Smedbyn with its charming red cottages where craft studios, café and galleries today houses. There is also plenty of nature to explore in Huskvarna, whether you want to hike a scenic trail in the city or take a walk outside along winding gravel roads by bike or enjoy a windless view of Lake Vättervattnet.

In the area where the match factory was once the main building is today the unique Match Museum, which tells about the industry that was once of great importance to the city.. In the area you will also find galleries, various craftsmen and restaurants. A short distance away you will find Jönköping County Museum, an art- and the Museum of Cultural History, where you can visit John Bauer's magical fairytale world. The exhibition Follow John, has room for both play and imagination and allows both large and small visitors to explore John Bauer's large picture treasure.

At a higher altitude and with a fantastic view of Jönköping is the City Park. It has a restaurant and a café with scenic trails along the animal enclosures. In the park there is also Fröjden; a popular outdoor dance floor, an open-air museum, Jönköping's largest playground and a unique bird museum.

There is much more to tell about Jönköping and its surroundings - but now is the time to explore it. Welcome!

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