They attract more fishing

It is not just anglers and foreign tourists who are drawn to Hökensås Sportfishing. In recent years, more and more families discovered the charm of gathering around the special experience of nature as the Lakes invite to the vast nature reserve, associated Tidaholm. It works Mårten Fredriksson, site manager Hökensås Angling. Hökensås sport commitments exceeding 30 lakes. Here you can fish for both rainbow and brown trout, as well as pike and perch in several of the lakes.
- We operate the angling tourism on Hökensås, Tiveden and a 3 km long stretch of Tidan-Baltak in Tidaholm. We sell about about 25.000 fishing licenses annually just Hökensås, and it is enough to keep it at that level in order to conserve natural experience, he says.
- Instead we work with to process products, Therefore, we have also special lakes with quota places must be booked in advance and here you have to be quick if you want to access a fishing license, for they go quickly. After access was also underlined fish for sale in the shop in Fish Center.
- We also have two fish farms so we provide many fishing areas and fishing clubs in southern Sweden with fish. Hökensås Sportfishing want to open up to as many as possible get a chance to get out into nature and learn more about how to fish, and their courses are popular.
- An important group we want to spend a little extra on the children and young people. They may, in particular to learn about entomology – insect learn, when to make their insect baits. They also learn to read the water, new casting techniques and tying flies.