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There are many who annually visit our wooden town. Not surprising, we think hjobor, for after all it is something special with Hjo. Perhaps because of our picturesque setting with all the beautiful wooden houses, cobblestone streets and alleys, small, charming shops and cafes. But also probably because Hjos unique location, right next Vätterns beach. And, it is a city and a place with character, which offers a pleasant, natural and harmonious life. A good sense simply!

Hjo City Park was laid out 1876 the water park for Hjo hydro and flourished in the late 1800s. Here, in the park, wooden villas still stand in line and remind us of the past times when guests visited The baths to cure their ailments. Today, the park is a nice oasis for those who want to relax, surrounded by rustling trees and the lapping of the waves. The other timber town is largely centered on the square. A well-preserved trästadsmiljö which just over 25 years ago was awarded the Europa Nostra. Europa Nostra means in Latin "Our Europe" and is a leading player in all matters concerning the European cultural heritage. Experience the beautiful wooden houses from 17-, 18- and 1900's while you stroll the streets, either on your own or by participating in one of the tourist office guided city walks.

Art, Craft and Design
Like many Swedish cities Hjo rests on a long tradition of craftsmanship and today Hjo known to be a city where even craftsmen and artists thrive. You can visit most of them in their own studios and galleries or take the opportunity at Pentecost, during the annual art. Another interesting feature is the exhibition of Estrid Ericson. Estrid born 1894 and grew up here in Hjo with his family that ran the Hotel Royal. 30 years old then started Estrid it widely known design company Firma Swedish Tenn in Stockholm. The exhibition of Estrid shown in the Cultural Quarter Pedagogien. Here you can also take the opportunity to look at another of the highlights of the summer, Exhibition of Ceramics Guldkrokens. Guldkrokens ceramics, great seller on 70- and 80s, is one of Hjos known brands that we find in many Swedish homes. The exhibitions are free and applications can be found on

Water, sauna and bath
In Hjo Vättern is always close and therefore it is easy to hot summer days quickly sneak away for a refreshing dip. Several beaches are, both inside the town and outside the town center. You can benefit from swimming at the Gold Hook bath right in the center (free admission) or take a dip on the beach promenade on the south. If instead you want to go out on the lake, you can go on a boat trip on the steamer Traffic, enjoy a quiet moment out on the wood-fired sauna floating in the harbor, or bring your own paddle board and embark on a mirror-
blank Vättern! 

Three Musts in and around Hjo:

Bison Safari - an adventure for the whole family
If you want to nature's Bison Farm a cool thing! Buffaloes see the Gate, just south of Hjo. During a safari on the farm, you animals really up close and personal life. Bison Farm is open every day during summer and offers adventure for big and small. Read more:

Play golf Hjo
On the 27-hole golf course on Hökensås, just south of Hjo, you can swing the clubs while enjoying the stunning views over Lake Vättern. The golf course is a forest- and park consisting of three 9-hole loops combined into "today's 18-hole course". On site are a restaurant, Office and golf shop, as well as camping and cabins.
Read more:

Trolling Adventure Vättern
Follow with fishing charters and full-time guide Ove Johansson on a trolling adventure on Vättern. Ove is one of Sweden's most qualified fishing guide and can among other things call himself both European and Swedish masters of trolling. The fishing season on Lake Vättern extends over the entire year, unless the ice settles on Vättern. During a guided fishing trip with Ove on Vättern have a chance to catch salmon, trout, char, pike-perch, perch and pike. Read more:

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