Here you will find trails for all tastes

Archipelago, urskog, Bokskog, pebble ridges and prodigious views.
No, we're not talking about the country's national parks.
It is a stone's throw or two from Vätterns coastline.

Say hiking trails, and most people think of Norrland, or possibly northern Svealand, but you do not need to travel north to experience the places that will take your breath away. The part of Sweden where you are right now is a tax hike with nature, adventure and recreation. If you are a family with young members and want to consume spring in their step and simultaneously breathe forest air and get a taste of nature, the tip: Cherry picking! Choose the good thing from the buffet! The nature reserve with Tabergs peak, passed over Southern Vätterleden, is definitely a raisin. The dividend is generous in relation to the operation - just over a kilometer hike uphill. Standing at the foot of the mountain which rises 121 meters above its surroundings (343 meters above sea level), and think "Now we climb the mountain!"Is thrilling for all family members. It is not for nothing that Linnaeus called Taberg for "Småland miracle". Besides the amazing view - "Look, there are Jönköping and Lake Vättern!'- waiting on top of a mountain cafe with everything from real meals ice cream and pancakes.

Hjässan in Omberg Ecopark is also a good chance to give a taste for inexperienced hikers. Park it at Vertex Square, it is the highest peak just a steep climb of about 400 meters away (261 meters above sea level). There is no café on top, but overlooking Vättern, bird lake Takern and Östergötland plains are easily host altitude meters uphill. And when it comes to coffee shop 31:ans Glass and Kitchen in Hästholmen popular. For families with older children, that can withstand tough challenges, Ellen Key's part of Omberg a good option. Six kilometers with ridge, mown, Bokskog, panoramic views and a pond that is home to frogs and toads. If you want to combine hiking with swimming in Lake Vättern are Östgötaleden in Medevi - Västanvik. This trail is varied and includes both the archipelago with cliffs, sandy, pine forests and wetlands with footbridges and has a lot of birds.

Pensioners Eva Nyqvist and Rita Lårdh usually regularly walk along the trail, year round, a couple of hours at a time.
- Västanvik feel unique with its varied nature. This area is very dear to me, says Eva, who now lives in the neighborhood. Rita, living in Motala, make extra visits to Västanvik summer, then together with children and grandchildren.
-For the fine bathing the sake, she says.

Primeval forest and wilderness
Nearly due west from Västanvik, on the other hand Vättern, is "one of the wildest forests in southern Sweden". In the virgin forest of Tiveden National Park is three mil marked trails in the very hilly forest landscape with wilderness lakes, caves, fissure and giant rock from ice. This is nature that fascinates both large and small adventurers. For adults who have spring in their suitable Hökensås training. Here are intermingled hikers, runners and cyclists. New this year is that the long trail, 19 kilometer, has been adapted and approved for mountain biking. The trails undulate through the heather and lingonberry, on eskers and past small tranquil lakes. The surface is smooth and relatively free of roots and marks are numerous and clear, just like in endurance race. Stillness If you want to get both nature and each other real close, you can make a multi-day hike in the Southern Vätterleden. The eight-mil long trail from Mullsjo Huskvarna pass four locations and seven nature reserves. It offers everything from peace and tranquility in the beautiful nature of the noise near the towns and civilization. Convenient for both those who want to use public transportation to and from the trail, and for those who want to make a detour and stock up on energy. And when all is said and done, it appears that the trails around Lake Vättern in fact consists of more than raisin cake…