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Welcome to Habo

The pictorial träkatedralen (by Vättern) - So called the building that many also feel that Habo Church. A magnificent wooden church from the 1700s decorated with paintings from the Catechism and with a red-colored font from the 1200s.

When you visit Habo Church turns you maybe that it is so remote from society. When the church was built was the strategically right in the center and no less than seven roads leading to it.

When the railway came, however, was the five-kilometer from the church and the society which is Habo today ended thus there. A visit to the church is well worth the small detour and is itself one of the major travel reasons Habo. Church used to numerous baptism, funerals, fairs and weddings each year in addition around 25 000 curious visitors come here to admire both the paintings and learn more about the history of the Church.

Inside the church catechism uppmålad with the Ten Commandments, and even some of the holy sacraments such as the Eucharist and Blessing. Translating the Catechism of the paintings were probably the vicar's idea to help the congregation to remember its contents. A tour of the church gives an admiration for the artists who built the paintings and its uniqueness in to cover both walls and ceilings as it then was customary to only decorate the ceiling and arches.

As the preamble implies, there is also a red font with many years of history. It is made of sandstone and is of a larger model, this to the children at the time, was lowered into the water with his whole body. When the church was renovated in the early 1900s, the baptismal font was moved away and then fell into oblivion. The inventory was it described as "a mortar mixing red paint in". From here, thus the traces of red paint as we can see today. The baptismal font was introduced back in the 1950s.

The church has a beautiful church towers but lack watches, it is a pure ornament. The bell tower was built 1760 contrast 3 clocks that chime is heard around the countryside.

In summer Habo Church roadside church and is then open daily and also offers snacks to you as a visitor.

Who put flowers at the grave of Falk?

In a barren forest where the pines stand tall and heath spreads out stands an iron cross marked FALK - 1855. And here there, almost always, fresh flowers.

Mystery of Falk's tomb has fascinated many for a long time. Why have an entry robbers sentenced to death have become so remembered?

Jonas Johansson Falk was born on 4 mars 1828 Habo parish which at the time belonged to Skaraborg. The 22 August 1854 he robbed, along with his stepfather Anders Frid, mail coach in a neighboring parish. Postiljonen A M Nilssén, which together with the farmhand Sven Larsson found himself aboard the stagecoach, later died of his injuries at New Hospital.

End of life's happy days

The robbers who had taken booty with him to Stockholm to live life happy days, arrested quickly, was tried and sentenced to death at the thing in Slättäng. Peace received clemency after their sentences commuted to penal servitude for life, while Falk executed. Falk was the last man to be executed in Habo Parish.

There are many legends about Falk's Tomb and the peculiarities that take place there and the one that eludes most is the fresh flowers in the summer always found beside the grave.

Who put them there? There is no one who knows.

Falk's grave came to be given special attention in the program "It happened here," led by Anders Lundin and after the program was renamed the roundabout in the center of Habo to Falk's roundabout.

Want to visit Falk's grave, you will find directions on upplev.habokommun.se

Three must-haves in and around Habo:

Hike. Habo is surrounded by a variety of hiking trails that take you close to both Vättern and through lush forests.

Fish. The lakes atop Hökensås offers fishing for both children and the family and the experienced angler. Even Vätterns clear water is suitable for fishing.

Shop. In the city center as well as in the countryside, you will find a wide range of shops with personal service.

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