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Info Points Gränna:
Månforsen Design, Hallska farm
Huntig Dogs Nature, Rib Farm Alley 2A
Örserumsbrunn Gestgifveri and Conference, old Brunnsvägen 10
Bauer farm, Bunn

Infopoints Visingsö:
Persgården, Stigby Persgård 1
Visingso Hotels & Conference, Norrbovägen 90

At Vätterns southeastern shore lies Gränna, a prototypical Swedish idyll with beautiful old wooden houses, manicured gardens and cobblestone streets. From the port are frequent departures by boat across to Visingsö - Vätterns pearl!

Both Gränna and Visingsö offers beautiful views, castle, cobblestone, wooden house idyll, castle ruins, paths and oak forests. And not the least interesting story. Wherever you set foot, are you my story in book. Here you can go to enjoy the tranquility, nature and atmosphere, but there is also a generous selection of culture, Activities and Adventures.

For nature lovers and botanists County is a paradise of nature reserves, Beautiful views and one of the largest oak forests. The lush countryside is rich in unique plant- and animal species, many of which are rare or even endangered. Hiking trails and charming country roads to ride along, both in Gränna and on Visingsö, suitable for all hikers. On Visingsö you can also do a tour with remmalag, the island's popular horse-drawn carriages in the 100 years had driven visitors around the beautiful island. We travel at a relaxed pace and you can enjoy both the scents and nature experiences.

Exciting story
Whether you are on Visingsö or in Gränna there are lots of memories of earlier heydays. Gaily can visit Grenna Museum, with the famous Andree- and the polar exhibition.
Most castle ruins and castles in County testify to the former superpower,. The Nose on Visingö southern tip lies the ruin of Sweden's first royal castle from the 1100s. Visingsborg ruined castle located at Visingsö harbor is another relic from the era of the Counts 1500- and 1600s.
Another popular memory from the same time is Brahehus just north of Gränna. Röttle village just south of Gränna is Count Per Brahe's industrial park from the 1600s, and this summer, you may visit the Rasmus Mill to see how to grind flour on timely manner.

Local delicacies
Polkagrisar! Who does not associate the red and white striped sweet with Gränna? Production started in Gränna in the 1850s of the poor widow Amalia Eriksson. Ever since then, it has manufactured candy canes in Gränna and every year it pops up exciting new flavors and shapes of this immensely popular souvenir. Today there are a variety of digesters in Gränna where you get to see how the production goes to. On some digesters can also try your hand at baking their own candy canes.
But Gränna and Visingsö is much more than just sweet peppermint bars. Here are several local delicacies in the form of self-produced musts, to, chocolate and more. In recent years, the estimated Gränna crisp bread taken the market by storm. In the small shop on Brahegatan in central Gränna you can except to browse all the goodies, Also see the production goes to. Do you want to try baking your own crispbread-
bread that's fine by prearrangement.

Three musts around Gränna and on Visingsö:

Uppgrenna Naturhus Located in the biosphere area East Vätterbranterna just north of Gränna, along the tourist route. Natural house offering an oasis that attracts all senses and that makes you stop and 'just be' for a while. Organic coffee can be enjoyed on the terrace, in the Mediterranean, the balcony or in the garden. Vättergatan view is magical no matter where you choose to sit down.

Visingsö castle in Nas. The remains of Sweden's first royal castle. Castle built in the mid 1100's to serve as a mount for ointagbart feuds between the Sverker and rival Erik lineages. Today it is a perfect destination on Visingö southern tip where you can easily get by bike and picnic basket.

Polkagrisen - cuter in Gränna. There are a dozen bakeries in Gränna where you can see how the production goes to. On some of the digester can actually get to try baking your own candy canes, it is not as easy as it looks!

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