New flavors of Polka Prince

Gränna is synonymous with Candy Cane City and Catrin Kvist, co-owner of the candy store Polka Prince was appointed this year to the Entrepreneur of the Year by the local business association. She receives the prize for his active work in the association, but also because she got off on your own company. It was in connection with Catrin met his partner and grännabon Stefan Fransson 2013 - the same year he won the Candy Cane Cup, she got the saddle on and start working full time in the candy cane industry. She and Stefan, which could then call himself world champion in polkagris baking, started 2016 Polka Prince central Gränna. Stephen grew up in the industry and also runs the candy factory Franssons confectionery started 1965 of his father Alf, which was a profile in Gränna. Alf started early in the 1970s to show polkagris baking for the customers in the store and 1989 he set a record by baking the world's longest candy cane. Today it is busy with the production of both companies, and the range is classic standard assortment of salty toads, foam and jelly bananas hard candies, and experimenting with newer flavors like chilli in different strength and constantly new flavors, i år Salty Caramel, Pineapple Coconut and Red Pig. But only the classic red and white can be called candy cane, the other is candy bars. What's the best Granna?

- all lovely people to come to know, the city is so well preserved and traditions are important. For us, the summer work, but also fishing on Vättern and socializing with friends.