Fishing around Lake Vättern

Coronaåret 2020 was a special year but many found their recreation in nature experiences. Families over generations could socialize safely in nature and fishing became an occupation that more and more people came to try. What you need to keep in mind is to find out if a fishing license is required to fish in a water.

The vast majority of lakes and streams are owned by someone and it is not obvious that fishing is allowed, but many water owners lease their lakes by selling fishing licenses and around Lake Vättern there are good conditions to be able to buy fishing licenses and be able to go fishing..

Conducting sport fishing in Lake Vättern is entirely possible, but it is not the easiest lake to fish in from land, but out on the free water masses there is a chance to get in touch with both salmon, trout and the fantastic char. In ports around the lake, there is often plenty of perch, but you must observe if there are local rules that prohibit fishing from certain places., otherwise hand gear fishing is free in Lake Vättern from land. Going out yourself to fish from a boat on the lake requires proper sea experience. The calmest day can change quickly and the situation can become life-threatening. It is therefore safest to rent a fishing guide by boat, equipment and know-how can help to try to get in touch with the big fish out in the lake.

If you would rather fish in smaller lakes, there are many opportunities via clubs and sport fishing areas that lease their waters through fishing license sales.. The easiest way is to find information on to easily see which lakes are nearby, what rules apply, what there is for fish in the lakes as well as the opportunity to buy a digital fishing license. There is also contact information and telephone numbers if you do not have the opportunity to redeem fishing licenses via digital services, or if you have other issues such as the possibility of renting a boat.

Most often it is wild water with a natural stock of perch, pike and several different species of whitefish, but it is also possible to fish in landscaped sport fishing areas with put and take fishing. Most famous is Hökensås Sportfiske with almost 30 lakes where you plant a rainbow in the lakes to fish on. At Hökensås there is also a fishing center with staff and information about fishing in the area.

In Tiveden there are also lakes where rainbows and trout are planted out for sport fishing tourism. On Tiveden's activity & adventure center in Ösjönäs you come from 2021 to have a small fishing center that to a certain extent will be able to receive guests' questions and be able to refer to fishing in Tiveden.

The feeling of being able to cook your own catch directly by the lake or in the kitchen after returning home is a satisfaction. Better food is hard to find and the wellness effect of being able to experience nature by a lake is hard to beat. Take the opportunity to take a trip around Lake Vättern and find your own fishing paradise. Everything is there, just to discover.