Fishing a central part of Vättern Life

With 25 000 paying customers a year are Carléns Fish & Vätterstranden Crayfish a given destination in Habo. - Here's something for all tastes, says CEO:n Mary Carlin.

When Maria Carlen hauls up key ring, opens the door to his workplace and throws a glance toward the clock behind the freezer indicates the small pointer on four. A few minutes later she begins today's commitments: smoking fish, fill in with new sauces shelves, testing a herring Species, fill with ice and swab the shop floor is top of the to-do list. But Maria Carlen has no problem to get up early in the morning.
- The job is a passion. Getting to see and meet all customer satisfaction is a favor, she says. A few kilometers from here, Habo, are perhaps the country's most distinctive wooden church, which every year attracts around 25 000 visitors. But the question is whether Carléns Fish & Vättergatan Crayfish is at least as big excursion.
- I check on our receipts so I can at least say that we have 25 000 paying customers, Maria says with a smile peering. Years 2001 she met the man who would become her husband, the fisherman Anders Carlen. That same year, she stepped into the business he started five years earlier.
- Many fishermen are at sea all the time and find it difficult to find time to run and develop the activities that take place on land. We like to say that Mr Fish and I'll do the rest, says Maria.

Busy with "the rest"
The "rest" includes everything from smoking fish, cook seafood, responsible for purchasing, emptying garbage, plan strategies for the coming years and to make good dishes with Vätterns fish and shellfish base.
- Enough, I have to do. But I never count how many hours I work. It's fun to think along such lines, says Maria. Her husband Anders is one of nearly 20 fishermen by Vättern. From its base in Svedåns port he goes almost every day, year round, out with his twelve-meter boat, hoping to catch fish in public waters.
- Some days it's nothing in the nets and when the wind blows he can not even get out on the lake. But usually we have luck fishing with us, says Maria.
- It is obvious that Vättern Fish is popular and that many take long detours to find their närfiskade favorites. Charles is perhaps the most sought-after. But we also have trout, perch, and walleye pike. In total there are 32 species in Vättern. In volume terms, however, the signal crayfish greatest. - We began to boil crayfish 2001 and has over time become specialists in the. In the summer, we often visited by locals who pack the luggage compartments full of crabs packed in Styrofoam boxes, says Maria. Company scourge, she says, is to find the perfect dill.
- Fortunately, we collaborate with farmers in southern Sweden and Vadstena delivering to us. We need Dill really nice to be able to cook crayfish on our way. The identity of our goods, they taste in a special way, is very important.

Something for everyone
Besides seafood, visitors can also buy things that fit well with fish and the store concept.
- We should not be a general store in the country without a destination for fish and delicacies. Those who come here often do it for a fancy dinner and are committed to the event to be successful. Then, you want tips and ideas about what contributes to a complete meal experience. The shelves and over the counter are therefore everything from spices, rapeseed oil with dill flavor and biscuits to bread, vegetables and other accessories that you may need for their fish.
- Here is something for everyone. I dare say that we have 100 percent purchase frequency, concludes Maria Carlen.

want to develop
Another person who advocates the fishing on Vättern Jonny Stahl, Chairman of Vätterns Fiskareförbund; fishermen organization.
- I want to see a developed tourist industry, in collaboration with the fishing and would like to see the development of more products with fish from the lake. The fish and chips on the lake is a product I really believe in. We have very ample lake in the lake and it also needs to be taken to maintain a balance with other species in the lake. For two years, pushing Jonny a prized fish shop at Ödeshögs Square. The aim is to provide närfiskad fish such as pike, pike-perch, perch, whitefish, trout and char from the lake.
- We want to provide the opportunity for everyone to be able to buy these fish at a good price and that the fish must be fresh. Often the fish caught in the morning and in the store when we open. The fish shop are also a wide range of smoked fish from Sjöarps smokehouse and cradle smokehouse.
- Sjöarp Smoke Vätterstranden Fish that we have in store. We also have quality herring, honey from our own beekeeping and sausage made from wild game meat. During the season there are also cooked Vättern Crayfish. There is opportunity for those who wish to sit down and eat a lunch platter with smoked salmon and potato salad that you can also get takeaway, says Jonny. Another part of his business is fisheries management where he rents and sells equipment for fisheries.
- These are special nets used to catch roach and bream in the lakes where white fish become too numerous. I take orders in the fall and has manufactured equipment during the winter months. If time I help also with the shooting of gear but then the customer manage the fisheries in the house.

Unilateral fishing threatens
In an interview with Corren last year stated that Jonny fishing in Vättern has become too one-sided focus on certain species such as salmon and trout. He wants whitefish will get going again.
- The whitefish has a great potential for tourism. There are plenty of whitefish in the lake that needs to be taken when it is competing for food for other species, including char. Smoked whitefish is real summer food and fits well both on sandwich, a crispbread slice or with boiled potatoes or potato. When a visitor arrives at any port around Vättern would like to have something to eat on the spot, Feel free food that is special for Vättern - and then whitefish a given location.

Text: Henrik Lenngren
Photo: LQ Pictures

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