Steamboat adorn port

Discover Hjo from the sea in summer. Take a ride on board the steamer traffic - steamer from 1892 som ”still is going strong”.

The steamer S / S Traffic Hjo K-labeled by the National Maritime Museum and referred to as having "Particularly great historical value". The boat is from 1892, was saved from scrapped 1972 and are then 1977 Hjo port where it goes with regular trips in summer. One of those who have been there from the start of the voluntary work behind Anders Svensson. The proximity to the waterfront and the port was the condition for him to move here from Gothenburg. Into the bargain, he received the commitment for the S / S traffic which today occupies a large part of his free time. Society S / S Trafik friends are always looking for interested parties who want to be involved as well as nurture operate the ship.
- We are a core group of 15 people who work with everything from maintenance to the preparation and operation. In summer it is totally 30-40 people who help. The tours go to Hästholmen, Vadstena and Visingsö. It organized a couple of tours by steamboat jazz, and those who wish can also rent a boat for a trip on the lake. Traffic takes up to 150 people on board who can stay in the four different salons with the turn of the century furnishings in plush, mahogany and brass. There is also a café- and souvenir sales.
- It takes a lot of work to saddling up all the carbon that is spent, 200 kg per hour, says Anders Svensson. Hjo is a popular and well-attended summer town, known for its well-preserved medieval town center and the old wooden houses from the 1700-1800's. It is beautiful to walk in the sprawling city park, where Societetshuset today houses a museum experiment. Many come of course to the harbor where you can eat vättersik and char or enjoy one of the most famous ice cream cafes. There is also a craft tradition with many craftsmen and artists who have their studios open.