Sustainable tourism on the mountains of fog

The door was open for outdoor entrepreneur Linda Staaf. She would take the world to Omberg. Suddenly she could not take the step.

We have arranged a meeting in Hästholmen and I am looking for a suitable place to sit. The sun is shining and there are white geese on Lake Vättern. Linda will come right after a kayak guide and I wonder how it went. At the parking lot are some colorful kayaks that are rented out by Vätterkajak. On the other side of Lake Vättern is Olshammar, where I borrowed a kayak last summer for a fantastic paddling trip in the northern Vättern archipelago.

- It blew too much so it became mountain bike guiding on Omberg instead, says Linda when she appears with her breath in her throat and a splash of earth on her legs.

She apologizes for coming in cycling shoes. We sit on the benches by the mountain that protrudes at the far end of Hästholmen harbor. The water gurgles against the rock next door.

Why did you end up on Omberg and Vättern?

- I've lived here since I was 16 years and I like nature. Omberg is called Östgötarna's sacred mountain. It is incredibly important for Vadstena- and the people of Ödeshög. For those who live on the plains, there are not many nature areas to choose from. We have a lot of local visitors.

Do not want to promote air tourism
It stormed a lot on social media when Linda Staaf went out and said that she does not want to promote air tourism. Her posts abounded everywhere in threads, mail and private instagram messages. The year was 2018 and the world was still open. I thought she was brave enough to take up the debate.

- I listened to a meteorologist at a lecture who spoke with humor and seriousness about the climate. Tourism affects so much negatively! We Swedes let out 11 tonnes of carbon dioxide and should go down to two tonnes. A trip to the United States costs 2 your. What can I do to reduce my travel expenses?? Fly once every 5:e years? Eat vegan and so on? It stopped, tells Linda.
This happened at a tourism industry conference on Sustainable Tourism in Tuscany, Italy. After a workshop on the importance of the local population for sustainable tourism, everything changed for Linda.

- Tourism was my life, both professionally and privately. Now I suddenly started to question everything and thought about quitting. But if I did, I would not be able to change anything. So I came to the conclusion that I want to continue working with travel.
This time to make it as durable as possible, for the sake of the area and for the sake of the climate. When I went out and told why I will not work to run an aviation tourism, many in the industry thought it was an eye opener. There were also many people I do not know who heard from me and were critical.

Linda falls silent and looks out over Lake Vättern.
- I think a lot about my future grandchildren. What will they see?
A concrete consequence of Linda's position is that marketing is only done nationally and to neighboring countries. No pick-up at airports is offered, but it is clearly communicated that customers are expected to arrive by train, bus or car.

Secret strawberry places
Another charged discussion that Linda has taken on social media, she has over 4 500 followers on Instagram, is about whether we should share our strawberry places in nature.
- I am often asked about my strawberry places, but since a few years back I have stopped telling about them. My strawberry places are all a bit secluded where I usually get to be completely alone. These places would lose their charm if there were more than me there. I have had to find new places as my old ones have become known. Therefore, I instead suggest general stuff and mention already familiar places.
Linda is serious and takes several thoughtful breaks during the interview. It is a great contrast to the pictures of the smiling carefree Linda on the mountain bike or in the kayak on Lake Vättern. I understand that she is a person who loves and protects her homeland but is concerned about the major problems that climate change and mass tourism bring.

What drives you?

- It is of course nice to be out and it is fun with the people who come. Meeting people has become more and more important. Then I like to live in contact with nature, the seasons and to live with the day and the weather changes. It's a big uncertainty too, but that's what I like. I feel worst when I stress in traffic jams. But as soon as I am in nature, I land and get rid of stress. - What also drives me is that I want to inspire so that more people find out in a sustainable way and get a genuine experience, Linda finishes with a glow in her eyes.

The turning point that came when Linda was at the Adventure Travel Summit 2018 left its clear traces. No one can miss the fact that she now works hard to change the industry from within. With her commitment, Linda wants to inspire more sustainable tourism development at all levels. If you want to know more about sustainable tourism, keep an eye out for "Let's Meet and Talk" where Linda meets various representatives in Swedish tourism and outdoor life.

Fishing around Lake Vättern

Coronaåret 2020 was a special year but many found their recreation in nature experiences. Families over generations could socialize safely in nature and fishing became an occupation that more and more people came to try. What you need to keep in mind is to find out if a fishing license is required to fish in a water.

The vast majority of lakes and streams are owned by someone and it is not obvious that fishing is allowed, but many water owners lease their lakes by selling fishing licenses and around Lake Vättern there are good conditions to be able to buy fishing licenses and be able to go fishing..

Conducting sport fishing in Lake Vättern is entirely possible, but it is not the easiest lake to fish in from land, but out on the free water masses there is a chance to get in touch with both salmon, trout and the fantastic char. In ports around the lake, there is often plenty of perch, but you must observe if there are local rules that prohibit fishing from certain places., otherwise hand gear fishing is free in Lake Vättern from land. Going out yourself to fish from a boat on the lake requires proper sea experience. The calmest day can change quickly and the situation can become life-threatening. It is therefore safest to rent a fishing guide by boat, equipment and know-how can help to try to get in touch with the big fish out in the lake.

If you would rather fish in smaller lakes, there are many opportunities via clubs and sport fishing areas that lease their waters through fishing license sales.. The easiest way is to find information on to easily see which lakes are nearby, what rules apply, what there is for fish in the lakes as well as the opportunity to buy a digital fishing license. There is also contact information and telephone numbers if you do not have the opportunity to redeem fishing licenses via digital services, or if you have other issues such as the possibility of renting a boat.

Most often it is wild water with a natural stock of perch, pike and several different species of whitefish, but it is also possible to fish in landscaped sport fishing areas with put and take fishing. Most famous is Hökensås Sportfiske with almost 30 lakes where you plant a rainbow in the lakes to fish on. At Hökensås there is also a fishing center with staff and information about fishing in the area.

In Tiveden there are also lakes where rainbows and trout are planted out for sport fishing tourism. On Tiveden's activity & adventure center in Ösjönäs you come from 2021 to have a small fishing center that to a certain extent will be able to receive guests' questions and be able to refer to fishing in Tiveden.

The feeling of being able to cook your own catch directly by the lake or in the kitchen after returning home is a satisfaction. Better food is hard to find and the wellness effect of being able to experience nature by a lake is hard to beat. Take the opportunity to take a trip around Lake Vättern and find your own fishing paradise. Everything is there, just to discover.

This year's edition of Runt Vättern is here!

This year's edition of Runt Vättern is printed and in the next few days we will start distribution to the towns around our beautiful lake! In the magazine you will find lots of interesting reading and information, so keep an eye out and grab your copy when the magazine appears where you are! If you can not stay until then, it is of course available as usual to read or download in digital version on our website as well. We in the editorial office wish you a pleasant read!

Turistambassadörerna: New café in the station house in Sya

Name: Erika Frost
Age: 35 years 2017
Bor: in the upper floor of the station building in Sya
Family: Jonas Frost who is also the chef and co-owner of the cafe, a baby and a station tax called Borje
Unexpected special interest: love gardening and farming

Erika Frost has devoted his life to kocka, cook and bake. It was in the summer 2017 the couple Frost by chance fell for the station at Sya. They were immediately in love with the house and the place. Shortly after they moved in, they opened the Open New Doors Bahnhof is a café, restaurant and bakery with a focus on organic, locally and 100% herbal.
- We thought it would be pretty easy the first summer. It is special what we do with completely plant-based, mostly locally grown and organic food. But on the inauguration came 500 guests! says Erika. Is it difficult to get your hands on locally produced and organic?
- It has been easy to get everything. 95% of what we sell is organic. In summer, more than half of the vegetables from the neighboring farms!

Sya is located about seven kilometers from Mjölby and three minutes from the E4:an.
- It 's beautiful. We have a river beside which gives the feeling of closeness to the water, where you can swim. The district is extremely friendly. We were received with open arms, Erika says enthusiastically. Visitors looking for outdoor adventure can go the way down to Svartån. There is a public beach. Very close is also the "House of Nostalgia" that has flea market and selling retro stuff like jukeboxes and similar. In summer open even more flea its doors near.

Here you will find trails for all tastes

Archipelago, urskog, Bokskog, pebble ridges and prodigious views.
No, we're not talking about the country's national parks.
It is a stone's throw or two from Vätterns coastline.

Say hiking trails, and most people think of Norrland, or possibly northern Svealand, but you do not need to travel north to experience the places that will take your breath away. The part of Sweden where you are right now is a tax hike with nature, adventure and recreation. If you are a family with young members and want to consume spring in their step and simultaneously breathe forest air and get a taste of nature, the tip: Cherry picking! Choose the good thing from the buffet! The nature reserve with Tabergs peak, passed over Southern Vätterleden, is definitely a raisin. The dividend is generous in relation to the operation - just over a kilometer hike uphill. Standing at the foot of the mountain which rises 121 meters above its surroundings (343 meters above sea level), and think "Now we climb the mountain!"Is thrilling for all family members. It is not for nothing that Linnaeus called Taberg for "Småland miracle". Besides the amazing view - "Look, there are Jönköping and Lake Vättern!'- waiting on top of a mountain cafe with everything from real meals ice cream and pancakes.

Hjässan in Omberg Ecopark is also a good chance to give a taste for inexperienced hikers. Park it at Vertex Square, it is the highest peak just a steep climb of about 400 meters away (261 meters above sea level). There is no café on top, but overlooking Vättern, bird lake Takern and Östergötland plains are easily host altitude meters uphill. And when it comes to coffee shop 31:ans Glass and Kitchen in Hästholmen popular. For families with older children, that can withstand tough challenges, Ellen Key's part of Omberg a good option. Six kilometers with ridge, mown, Bokskog, panoramic views and a pond that is home to frogs and toads. If you want to combine hiking with swimming in Lake Vättern are Östgötaleden in Medevi - Västanvik. This trail is varied and includes both the archipelago with cliffs, sandy, pine forests and wetlands with footbridges and has a lot of birds.

Pensioners Eva Nyqvist and Rita Lårdh usually regularly walk along the trail, year round, a couple of hours at a time.
- Västanvik feel unique with its varied nature. This area is very dear to me, says Eva, who now lives in the neighborhood. Rita, living in Motala, make extra visits to Västanvik summer, then together with children and grandchildren.
-For the fine bathing the sake, she says.

Primeval forest and wilderness
Nearly due west from Västanvik, on the other hand Vättern, is "one of the wildest forests in southern Sweden". In the virgin forest of Tiveden National Park is three mil marked trails in the very hilly forest landscape with wilderness lakes, caves, fissure and giant rock from ice. This is nature that fascinates both large and small adventurers. For adults who have spring in their suitable Hökensås training. Here are intermingled hikers, runners and cyclists. New this year is that the long trail, 19 kilometer, has been adapted and approved for mountain biking. The trails undulate through the heather and lingonberry, on eskers and past small tranquil lakes. The surface is smooth and relatively free of roots and marks are numerous and clear, just like in endurance race. Stillness If you want to get both nature and each other real close, you can make a multi-day hike in the Southern Vätterleden. The eight-mil long trail from Mullsjo Huskvarna pass four locations and seven nature reserves. It offers everything from peace and tranquility in the beautiful nature of the noise near the towns and civilization. Convenient for both those who want to use public transportation to and from the trail, and for those who want to make a detour and stock up on energy. And when all is said and done, it appears that the trails around Lake Vättern in fact consists of more than raisin cake…

Turistambassadörerna: - We work so that it is fun!

Name: Marlies also Hein de Kort
special Interests: animals, dog Sen-na, cats, chickens and sheep.

The family of the card has just taken a lunch break in the construction of a bridge. The atmosphere is as usual, familiar and welcoming. How did you find from Holland to Tiveden?
- It was an accident. Nine years ago we were in Tiveden and lived here at the camp. We enjoyed great, it felt like we found a home. We talked a lot with those who ran the camp and was told that it was for sale. So we decided, and moved here. It was never something we've dreamed about, but it felt right. When heart plays a role, things happen. What is so great about Tiveden is partly the delicate nature, but also one feel welcome. There is a cohesion here, although everyone has their so we meet in our love for the area.
- What do you want to invite your campingäster on when they will?
- We want everyone to have their own space, but also pleasant joint surfaces. We are trying to create conditions for a peaceful holiday where guests do things together on their own initiative. We work with the camp because we think it's fun, and to do what we are good at and together with the whole family. We are camping and camping are we. We strive naturally to evolve, but do not grow us for great. And so it will be fresh and genuine, We do as much as we can ourselves. The conversation flows and the love of Tiveden and work, shines constantly through. Whispers welcome to a campsite where the heart does matter.

Vättern - an ancient transport route

Vättern was long the best link between Östergötland and Västergötland, Narke and Småland. Today maritime traffic consists essentially of Visingsö ferries, a handful desire ships and recreational boats.

Before the car and the big road entry, survived, worked and people died on Vättern in a way that is hard to imagine for us who were born after the 60's when shipping drastically slowed. Larger trucks took over the ships and motoring progress was made possible by the construction of E4:An infrastructure investments and.

Vätterstranden skipper Janne Göthberg describes in a storytelling evening at Grenna Museum, facing the traffic and ship the family life history. His unique imagery shows shipbuilding, cargo ship, docks, ports, channels and people who worked on the Vättern. The images reflect the history and life of Vättern for almost a century. The image of the Vättern was full of ships and small boats painted. 1955 began Janne himself at age 14 its shipping lane on the ship "Minna". Jan-Olof's diary entries describe detailed, a chef jung man's experiences from the summer 1955:

"We had driven up to Baskarp at night, Motala where we had landed pig iron a day before. Now we are moored on the sand handle bridge and will unload sand Vastervik. It's time to "cover of" to hold, and the conveyor belt is started, the sand in a stream. Now such "modernity" as loaders come to Baskarp. It looked like a tractor with the wire of the cab, that lifted bucket. This facilitated incredible to require, as all the sand was scooped by hand with a shovel. At eight o'clock the mother down with a big basket of food, containing 12-15 Cakes baked rye bread, and a dinner later succumbed up, usually meatballs and potato. It tasted good to sit down at a set table again, usually it was always me who would cook the food. I was the youngest on board. "

In addition to life at sea was slitigt meant long periods away from family. Summer Life and winter life was different, however much the. If summers followed the wives and children of the boats. Jan-Olof Göthberg quit as skipper 1963.

The piers around the lake Vättern
Stately bridges to add at were around the Vättern and they played a major role. Here were loaded quantities of goods and passengers, the farmers' cattle, and more. This is where it happened. Nowadays there are only small remnants of these bridges. Ever since the Middle Ages, heavily laden sailing ships crossed with iron, building materials, passengers and all sorts of agricultural products over Vättern. In the early 1900s it was mostly peasants' products were transported to Jönköping for sale in the markets for city residents. The delivery was very asptimmer to match industries in Jönköping Tidaholm via Hjo. Asptimret came on larger boats from Russia or the Baltic states to Mem where the canal empties. Munksjö mill had four own boats. From Olshammar transported pulp to Germany. In the early 1900s, was built a sand-lime brick factory in Sved Island in Baskarp. It burned down in the 1920s. Then they built a plant for the processing of sand to supply foundries with. Flint from Jutland in Denmark was transported and crushed in Baskarp to sandpaper manufacturing. It was an unhealthy activities that led to many got "stone lung" and died.

Another load was of course passengers. Passenger boat "Sveudden" go between Jonkoping and Hjo. It added at all bridges between. "Motala Express" was a passenger who initially went between Jonkoping and Motala. One of the oldest steamships, s / s Trafik, Still going during the summer between Hjo and Visingsö and some time each summer also Hästholmen.

Turistambassadörerna: Scenic Hjo has many enticements

Name: Annika Karlberg
Age: 56
Bor: Apartment in the old stables Red Stable, Hjo (between Hjo and North Church Fågelås) Family: The Tibetan Terriers Minnie and Nessie Unexpected special interest: Horse riding and a desire to have time to play golf.

The well-preserved and Europa Nostra-rated wooden town of Hjo attracts large numbers of visitors in summer. Here you can also stay over in rural setting. Red Stables B & B offers accommodation in a charming old stable block which was rebuilt in the late 1980s. Annika Karlberg had long fun-mended to start their own business and purchased the property 2006. She joined the Group from Gotland where she worked as a tour operator.

- On Gotland, the Stockholm prices, but here it was cheaper and because the influx is so great, it felt good to start something here. Originally, she had planned to have closed in winter, but now visitors year round, so it was that agricultural work, a lifestyle. Red Stables B&B is classified as Garni - hotel standard but without restaurant.

- Allinclusive, Also breakfast and each room has its own exit to the porch so you can sit out in the countryside and enjoy the morning or a barbecue in the evening. It is 300 meters to Vättern where you can take a dip.

- Hjo is incredibly beautiful. My favorite is Hjoåns valley, a nature reserve where the river flows from Mullsjön down through waterfalls and rapids to Lake Vättern, and you can follow trout hiking upwards when to play. For those who wish to swim there boardwalk, bathed in Hjos pasture or Breviks sandy beach. Around the whole city is beautiful wooden houses and the city park is nice to just stroll around. Hjo is also famous for Swedish Tin, their crafts and glass kiosks. At the port served vättersik and local delicacies.

- The golf course at Hökensås is well worth a visit - it has 27 hole, three loops and a great view.

Experience Vättern from the sea

Olaf Svensson in Motala has lived with and Vättern in the 40 years 2017. Since 15 years, he Motala Channel Traffic AB. As skipper of M / S Kung Sverker he wants to give people a lovely sjöupplevelse, not least, to all those who do not have your own boat.

- Sometimes the board Mota Labor who say they lived here for lots of years but never been out on Vättern, says Olaf.
- When they see of Motala, or when we slip into up to the castle in Vadstena, they become impressed. And it's simply a great lake. We travel the drinking water.
M / S Kung Sverker provides Olaf Svensson nature cruises on Lake Vättern u-der all summer. Similarly, along the canal. Since the skipper is both guide and a good storyteller, it will be particularly interesting and instructive for passengers.
- And, I usually tell if the channel's history, and on islands and other interesting out there on Vättern. Half is certainly true, Olaf said with a broad smile.

Motala Bay's beautiful islands
During a three-hour cruise, passengers experience Motala Bay's beautiful islands, Fjuk, Åholmen and Sandön.
- On small Fjuk lived once upon a time 22 people. There was even a school with a teacher, says Olaf Svensson, and the story is true.

King Sverker passengers can also take advantage of the exciting story when Olaf Svensson and his brother Ake found the wreck of Eric Nordevall, paddle steamer that sank in Vättern 1856. Olaf pointing out the site and tells how the brothers as young amateur divers managed to find the wreck as many others have been looking for for years. Now the ship's history preserved in Forsvik which also Eric Nordevall II has been built up, and takes passengers out on the waters of Lake Vättern.
Cruise on the canal
Olaf Svensson and M / S Kung Sverkers main nutrient is tours on the canal. During the trip passed several cultural fields, as the channel founder Baltzar von Platen grave, Motala Ström, Charlottenborg Castle and Motala old factory site.
It also includes locks in Borenshult, that the channel is steepest and which consists of five connected locks with a total height difference of more than 15 meter.
A spectacular experience only the. And of course offer skipper Olaf Svensson of interesting stories about the locks and the entire canal's creation.
Vättern archipelago
"Sweden's most secret archipelago." So called Vättern archipelago that is both nature reserves and eco-park. It is about 250 Islands, islets and rocks, waiting for visitors. And you do not have your own boat to take you there.
Throughout the summer season, take the M / S Wettervik passengers out in the unique freshwater archipelago. Passenger boat has Askersund home port, and here is both longer and shorter cruises. M / S Wettervik can also be chartered for parties outside in the beautiful archipelago, or even to a wedding. Captain Johan Bergsten have the right to marry couples together both on board and ashore.
A boat for all
The company Askersunds Skärgårdstrafik AB and boat M / S Wettervik run by Johan and Marita Bergsten. Their guiding theme is.
- We work with the motto "A boat for all". Therefore, we have always worked with accessibility modifications, so that even people with different functional variations can get out on the lake, says Johan Bergsten.
For many Askersundsbor is M / S Wettervik, and even the company's smaller boat Dot, a way to occasionally get out of Vättern.
- Many will come and do a tour or more with us every summer. We also have many bus groups from all over central Sweden.
Johan Bergsten realizes he has a beautiful workplace:
- And, undoubtedly the fine. It's really beautiful out there, clear water and a fantastic nature. It's fun to be able to offer passengers this, he means.
S / S Traffic Hjo
In Hjo are S / S Trafik, one of the oldest and best preserved steamboat. The vessel is K-labeled by the National Maritime Museum and were judged to have "an extremely great historical value".
Traffic driven by the NGO Society S / S Trafficking Friends, caring and sailing ship. The tours go in the summer to Visingsö. One day a year, you can go on the steamer's original route between Hjo and Hästholmen. It takes place in conjunction with the Craft Fair in Hjo. Once a year, made another trip over Vättern, when Vadstena.
Rent a boat or kayak
Kersti Beck Larsson's tourism strategist at Askersund and himself an enthusiastic kayakers.
- I have paddled in many places, both in Sweden and abroad, but nothing beats a kayak trip on Lake Vättern, she means.
There, you can see three-four meters straight down into the blue. One can take a mug of water directly from the lake without being worried about the quality. It offers pristine nature along the beaches and islands, and a fantastic bird life.
To Kersti Beck Larsson thrive there is no doubt. She also encourages others to the same interest by developing kayak routes and keep the kayak courses and group trips.
Kersti Beck Larsson's favorites for a kayak tour:
• outside the nature reserve Utnäset. It offers low cutting and islets. And it raises the gaze is so big Vättern there outside.
• Price Uddar.
• Rödgavelns cave outside Omberg.
To remember: Make canoe trip to your ability. Paddle never alone. Keep track of the weather (winds). Have the phone and extra clothes in watertight cases.
Olshammars picturesque harbor
An excellent way to get out on the lake Vättern with canoe, kayak or a small boat is to start Olshammars small and picturesque boat- and marina. From here can be reached easily and quickly, "Sweden's most secret archipelago", with lots of big and small islands. Natural ports found on most of them. On some of the islands, it is also allowed to stay overnight in tents or shelters.
At Large Aspön, those who want to step ashore and stretch their legs along a trail around the island. Well here there must not be missed idyllic Great and Little Hjortholmarna who are boaters favorite.
Here among all the islands, visitors can experience natural fluctuations, both calm and drama. And abundant wildlife. With luck, hovering above the sea eagle against a blue sky.
Hiring a boat
Do you want to rent a boat, canoe, kayak or perhaps standup paddle board? There are many providers around Vättern. The best way to find them is to make contact with any of the current tourist offices, or to visit local sites. And if you rent: Think about safety, be careful, take no risks, making the road map on the lake for your own ability.

Turistambassadörerna: Species-rich nature surrounds the hostel

Name: Hanna Theel
Age: 38 years 2017
Bor: Houses in Alvastra, Omberg
Family: Bjorn and daughters Allie and Olivia
Unexpected special interest: I'm basically a trained make-up artist.

Omberg and the unique, species-rich countryside around Lake Vättern has always had a special attraction. Congregate here in both natural- which literature- and spiritual and enthusiasts from near and far. In the center Omberg Ecopark is Stocklycke hostel run by Hanna Theel. She loves to receive and meet the guests who will.
- This year, the season started early! Back in March, it has begun to move, Also weather point. The wild wild garlic have looked forward, that we will be on, as nettle and other.

Hanna has worked in the industry since 2010, when she and her husband Bjorn bought the old parish house at Takern they carefully renovated to start hostels. Tåkern hostel has won several awards in the STF:annual polls, and 2016 became the year's hostel. Many bird watchers go to the lake Takern the season. 2018 the couple took over the hostel in Stocklycke Hanna now chosen to focus on. Here you wake up to the sound of babbling brooks and birdsong, and the café serves homemade cakes and light meals with organic, local grown vegetables. From Stocklycke based long hiking trails, Nearby is Ellen Key Beach villa with the expansive beech wood, Alvastra ruin and Vadstena. New this year is a start-up micro-brewery - Omma brewery - which will produce local brewed beers with different flavors, including spruce shoots. In naturum opened at Tåkern 2014 Estelle's eventful fairytale trail.
- Our children never tire of going on with all the fine wooden animals, hidden in nature, end Hanna.