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Self-sufficient organic farm

David Appelgren. Omberg is one of the country's most visited natural areas with a large eco-park and the vast beech forests are nature reserves. At the foot of the mountain lies Omberg organic farm and live here David and Royal Appelgren as they learn. Three years ago the couple moved here. – Vi var på jakt efter en plats där vi kunde […]

Fishing a central part of Vättern Life

With 25 000 paying customers a year are Carléns Fish & Vätterstranden Crayfish a given destination in Habo. - Here's something for all tastes, says CEO:n Mary Carlin. When Maria Carlen hauls up key ring, opens the door to his workplace and throws a glance toward the clock behind the freezer indicates the small pointer on four. Some […]

Steamboat adorn port

Discover Hjo from the sea in summer. Take a ride on board the steamer traffic - steamer from 1892 som ”still is going strong”. The steamer S / S Traffic Hjo K-labeled by the National Maritime Museum and referred to as having "Particularly great historical value". The boat is from 1892, was saved from scrapped 1972 and are then 1977 i […]

Johan welcome in the harbor

In Vadstena marina, we find John Lindell, who is really a public face for all those who come to Vadstena by boat or camper. He is the Harbor Master in Vadstena marina and is also responsible for set locations adjacent to the harbor. It seats 50 summer campers, 30 when the boats are on the country. I […]

On safari with kids around Vättern

A common request of the families is of course a visit to the zoo. As a parent, it happens that one sighs a little when it comes to speech. It takes at least a full day, it is expensive, man ska ha matsäck med sig eller äta undermålig skräpmat efter att ha köat i en halvtimma och barnens blodsocker sjunker aldrig […]

They attract more fishing

It is not just anglers and foreign tourists who are drawn to Hökensås Sportfishing. In recent years, more and more families discovered the charm of gathering around the special experience of nature as the Lakes invite to the vast nature reserve, associated Tidaholm. It works Mårten Fredriksson, site manager Hökensås Angling. Hökensås sport commitments exceeding 30 lakes. Here can […]

Go back in time to Medevi

Medevi Well hold high the banner when it comes to keeping traditions alive. Still, one can experience water dispensing and porridge trot with brass orchestra, says Åsa Ahlin. Leave TV:n and cell phone for a while, and go back in time. On Medevi Brunn, The oldest health spa dating from the 1700s, kan man få uppleva hur det var att […]

Love and ecologically secret of the good ice cream

After last year's awards year matentreprenör in New York as well as Entrepreneur of the Year in Gränna there has been a tumultuous time, tells glass factory owner Anders Ahlenius. Sales have doubled and interest Grenna Glass has increased noticeably. And as well eaten it can understand success. This is how real ice cream tastes, vilket också var anledningen […]

Tenth summer exhibition at Gunillaberg

The Danish artist Tage Andersen's Gesamtkunstwerk of Carolinians yard Gunillaberg 25 kilometers west of Jonkoping is a revelation of an artist's versatility creates needs. There are animals installations, garden sculptures, interiors and God's wild nature in a captivating staging. This year offered among other things an exhibition of glass artist Tobias Mohl from Denmark. The Orangery built 2013 […]

Verner, Birgitta and good food

Britt Louise Otter and Wassim Hanina behind Olshammar farm buffets with delicacies vätterlax and crayfish. Olshammar estate in Narke overlooking Vättern, is known that it was the author Verner von Heidenstams childhood home. The farm leased today by Britt-Louise Otter, as for 25 years ago with their historical interest and restaurant training, came here and began building […]