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Sustainable tourism on the mountains of fog

The door was open for outdoor entrepreneur Linda Staaf. She would take the world to Omberg. Suddenly she could not take the step. We have arranged a meeting in Hästholmen and I am looking for a suitable place to sit. The sun is shining and there are white geese on Lake Vättern. Linda will come right after a kayak guide and I wonder how […]

Fishing around Lake Vättern

Coronaåret 2020 was a special year but many found their recreation in nature experiences. Families over generations could socialize safely in nature and fishing became an occupation that more and more people came to try. Det man måste tänka på är att ta reda på om det krävs ett fiskekort för att få […]

This year's edition of Runt Vättern is here!

This year's edition of Runt Vättern is printed and in the next few days we will start distribution to the towns around our beautiful lake! In the magazine you will find lots of interesting reading and information, so keep an eye out and grab your copy when the magazine appears where you are! Kan du inte hålla dig tills dess så finns den […]

Turistambassadörerna: New café in the station house in Sya

Name: Erika Frost Ålder: 35 year Bor: i ovanvåningen på stationshuset i Sya Familj: Jonas Frost who is also the chef and co-owner of the cafe, en bebis och en stationskatt som heter Börje Oväntat specialintresse: älskar trädgård och odling Erika Frost har ägnat sitt liv åt att kocka, cook and bake. It was in the summer […]

Here you will find trails for all tastes

Archipelago, urskog, Bokskog, pebble ridges and prodigious views. No, we're not talking about the country's national parks. It is a stone's throw or two from Vätterns coastline. Say hiking trails, and most people think of Norrland, or possibly northern Svealand, but you do not need to travel north to experience the places that will take your breath away. That part of Sweden […]

Turistambassadörerna: - We work so that it is fun!

Name: Marlies och Hein de Kort Specialintressen: animals, dog Sen-na, cats, chickens and sheep. The family of the card has just taken a lunch break in the construction of a bridge. The atmosphere is as usual, familiar and welcoming. How did you find from Holland to Tiveden? - It was an accident. För nio år sen var vi i Tiveden och bodde […]

Vättern - an ancient transport route

Vättern was long the best link between Östergötland and Västergötland, Narke and Småland. Today maritime traffic consists essentially of Visingsö ferries, a handful desire ships and recreational boats. Before the car and the big road entry, survived, worked and died people on Lake Vättern in a way that is difficult to imagine for us who were born after the 60s then […]

Turistambassadörerna: Scenic Hjo has many enticements

Name: Annika Karlberg Ålder: 56 Bor: Apartment in the old stables Red Stable, Hjo (between Hjo and North Church Fågelås) Family: The Tibetan Terriers Minnie and Nessie Unexpected special interest: Horse riding and a desire to have time to play golf. The well-preserved and Europa Nostra-rated wooden town of Hjo attracts large numbers of visitors in summer. Här kan man […]

Experience Vättern from the sea

Olaf Svensson in Motala has lived with and Vättern in the 40 years 2017. Since 15 years, he Motala Channel Traffic AB. As skipper of M / S Kung Sverker he wants to give people a lovely sjöupplevelse, not least, to all those who do not have your own boat. - Sometimes Motalabor comes on board saying that […]

Turistambassadörerna: Species-rich nature surrounds the hostel

Name: Hanna Theel Age: 38 year Bor: Houses in Alvastra, Omberg Family: Björn and daughters Allie and Olivia Unexpected special interest: I'm basically a trained make-up artist. Omberg and the unique, species-rich countryside around Lake Vättern has always had a special attraction. Congregate here in both natural- which literature- and spiritual and interested from both […]