Historically years in Mjölby

Welcome to the Tourist Information in Mjölby Municipality

The tourist information office is located in Skänninge
Main Square 2,
596 31 Skanninge

Opening hours
14 May - 22 May, There. 12-16, Sat.. and Sun.. closed
25 June - 10 aug, There. 10-18, Sat.. 11-15, son. closed
13 aug – 17 sep, There. 12-16, Sat.. and Sun.. closed
other times: Open Tuesdays and Fridays kl.12-16 (call for information at other times)

Phone: 0142-850 03
e-post: turistbyran@mjolby.se

58.395321, 15.086735

The population is growing - more people are choosing to move here. Over the past ten years, the population of the municipality of Mjölby increased by over 1000 people - we are proud of this.

Urbane and home-loving. In the municipality of Mjölby, it's easy to live a good life.

The central town Mjölby is a visitor friendly town with the small town's qualities. Stroll around the nice shops and lunch spots.

In the historic town of Skänninge, which is one of the oldest cities in Sweden, are cultural environments and a variety of interesting events during the year.

Mantorp stands for horsepower and voltage! At Mantorp Park, one of the leading motor webs, you can feel the speed winds from the pros, or perhaps in your own trailer. At Mantorp racetrack is the true horsepower that comes with races almost every week.

Deere has something for the taste buds. Here you can shop Vättern crayfish or a coffee at landsändans best patisserie, Väderstad Centralkonditori.

On the beautiful and fertile plains in the environment has grown foods for centuries. There are many local growers who sell their products in farm shops. Here are some tips!

Outside Skanninge towards Bjälbo and John Deere are Hermelin Farm shop. Here are grown potatoes, cabbage, beans, onion, asparagus and other delectable vegetables in season. If the shop is open, there are self.

One kilometer outside Skänninge is Griffin's Farm Shop. They are specialists in potatoes, but also cultivates other goodies! Here you can pick your own strawberries or a beautiful bouquet of summer flowers. They also have a small playground and some small animals.

South of Mjölby on Highway 32 towards Boxholm is Bleckenstad farm shop. The store has a wide selection of locally produced goods ranging from rape seed oil to cheesecakes and carrot jam.

Do you want to buy old-fashioned perennials are Botanicus nursery in Järstad on the road 206 between Skanninge and Mantorp. Here is a idéträdgård be inspired from, and even a small garden museum.

For gardening enthusiasts there is also a heritage garden in Skänninge on Sandberg farm which is one of the museum courtyards in the city. The environment here is a city garden at 17-1800 century. Also visit the herb garden with plants that recall both dominikanerklostren that existed in the city in the Middle Ages. During the summer, organized hikes and Garden Herb Hikes.

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