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Welcome to Askersund – at Sweden's most secret archipelago!

To work in Askersund vicinity is a great privilege!

Sweden's most secret archipelago

With Hammarsbron in the fund.

Askersund is a summer- and idyllic archipelago with a convivial atmosphere and many regular events. On weekdays, I work at the tourist office and especially in summer is the most common question: - What to see and do here? The question we love to answer! There is certainly plenty to see, discover and do. Everywhere in all directions, we have amazing natural and cultural attractions, Points of Interest, castles and museums and a variety of lodging accommodations and facilities. Many of our guests love to walk along the serene hiking trails and nature reserves with stunning views. Did you know that you can find Sweden's most secret archipelago with us in Askersund?

Sweden's most secret archipelago

We tip almost daily guests on Sweden's most secret islands and many times surprised and astounded those of the fabulous landscape of the archipelago, where the secrets whisper to visitors from the lapping of the waves. In Norra Vättern you will find detailed 250 Islands, islets and rocks are embedded the unique freshwater archipelago and who invites all who visit it on a very special and unforgettable experience!

Here you can hoist the sails or curl up in the kayak cockpit and head out into the vast and pristine archipelago – find your secret spot and let yourself be touched by the beautiful idyllic archipelago. Slip into the sparkling crystal clear water and cool off after relaxing moments on the sun-warmed rocks.

Nature Ports& Guest harbors

Askersunds port

Askersunds port.

Some of our guests come with their own boat to us and we usually tell whether our relatively newly built marina and set in place Askersunds port or on the wide range of natural harbors in unconstrained situations in the archipelago.

Several of the islands of the archipelago are equipped with both toilet, bin and barbecue areas. On some of the islands are also allowed to stay overnight in tents or in shelters. Here you can sleep well!

From the archipelago is always near guest harbors and service. In several places you can call into a bridge to either to simply enjoy, going to a restaurant visit, play golf or attend a castle tours?

Tivedens National Park

Hiking in Tiveden

Exciting hiking in Tiveden forests.

Many of our guests want to combine their stay with us with both the archipelago and the virgin forest. Then we recommend including a visit to Sweden's southernmost forest Tiveden Tiveden National Park, which is just outside Askersund. Based on the national park there are several hiking trails in different directions. Many of our guests choose the summertime to comply with a knowledgeable guide that tells you more about the area, legends, history and other interesting facts about the Tiveden.

In other words, there is a lot to discover and see. If you want, you are always welcome to us at Tourist- & Events Agency.

We help you to find your adventure!


Malin Wistrand

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