TACK, For you add luster to my life!

Since the launch in April of 2018 Around the year Vättern newspaper, in the twenty Procedure, I have been so amazing very positive comments and happy cries. It is so inspiring to hear that the magazine Around Lake Vättern, together with our website, FB, Instagram will benefit the entire year.

For me that is the new owner and publisher for a year, it has been a very exciting and challenging year.

I have learned so many new things and got to broaden my skills from selling ads and sit
with the editorial board to be the project manager and the "spider in the web".

My goal is to guide the experiences and places that give a flavor to life.

Right now it's just what I do!

to all of you tipsters, turistambassadörer, advertisers, coworker, kommunrepresentanter – yes short all good, happy people who have helped large and small! You are invaluable to our joint work to do Vättern an even stronger force and a major attraction for people both far and near.

I would especially like to thank my "squire" Cecilia Lindheimer graphic designers, author, photographer and all-in-allo when it comes to newspaper production. She can also sort out the tangled thoughts and give good advice on computer technology!

Charlotta Haskovec, wonderful motivator and small business owners, in Forsvik next to Gota Canal, which ensures that around Vättern seen on social media. Please visit and like us on FB and Instagram to get what she finds on right now! In summer, she is responsible for our Instagram relay together with representatives from each of the ten municipalities participating in our cooperation.

Roger Smith, our always happy distributor, Together with his wife Bridget has traveled many times around Vättern this summer and ensured that the magazine, in both Swedish and English can be found almost everywhere.

to my wonderful children and other family, new and old friends and my beloved cat Leo!

to myself, Eva, because I took the chance and dared to jump into a new project owner
Around the magazine Vättern. But cheered on by friends, family and colleagues, anything is possible.

Now it's one-year anniversary!

Want in this way to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 with very silver lining!

Warm greetings
Eva Sandgren