Sweden's most secret archipelago


lUNCH BREAK. I stand in the neighborhood sunny nook and turns his face to the sun. Spring's first warming rays keep getting me melt. The comfortable warmth creeping inside tröjkragen. awaited. The thoughts float freely. A memory awakens.

The memory of the glistening waters glitter in Vättern Archipelago. I close my eyes and imagine the small island of where I was last summer stretched out on the warm rock. Remember the silence and the waves. What was the island again? Aspholmen. And, it was probably.
Far out in the North Vättern Archipelago. The sound of the occasional power boats in the distance. Waves that reach the cliff much later. remember silence, only nature that spoke.

Sweden's most secret archipelago? Absolute. It had been easy to find your own cliff to go ashore on. There we had spent a few hours. Talked, slumbered, cate. enjoyed. Filled the soul with stunning views and impressions here in spring's first rays is reappearing in my memory. Just as clear and bright as when. Memories forever I would think.

It had been so easy. My friend and I had a few days off and in a whim decided to rent a couple of kayaks. Where would we go? Vättern archipelago - perhaps Sweden's most secret, why not? A little adventure, just like that. Just the right. Occasionally exciting, in time-consuming and moderately comfortable - Nope, more than that, it was actually; fantastically enjoyable was the!

Kayaking-on-Vättern.-Picture Rights-Vättern Kayaking.We pushed the kayaks at Aspås marina on the western shore of Lake Vättern page, a marina that breathed consideration, responsibility and trust. Stewed little packing into trays and ourselves down in the cockpit – and so away. and immediately: soothing, amazing, magically. From the first paddle stroke. No, I own no words that can describe this experience of nature in a fair manner. It's just my, far into the soul.

Probably noticed that Vättern is a mighty lake where we paddled into the islands. Wild and beautiful at the same time. To the south stretched the lake as far as the eye could reach. Just water. Pacific inclined sailboats in the distance. We could glimpse the Visingsö far away on the horizon? No, probably the islands of Little and Great Röknen, which we realized later, when we studied the sea chart of the Vättern and the archipelago.

We had been lucky with the weather. The lake was still there among the islands, only a small ripple after the winds that crept around the bays. Quiet touched we are among the wooded inserts. Admired rocks where ice and waves left their mark. New views around every cut. One long and still exploring the untouched landscape. ENCHANTING. Traces of the forces of nature everywhere. Polished rocks worn by water and ice next to boulders dropped by the ice. Areas with charred tree logs embedded in the thriving undergrowth gossiped about the forest fires that have put their mark on this ecopark.

And so this crystal clear water. Drinking water. To bathe in drinking water. And, we did it. Hauled us down from the cliff and let us be worn for a while by the glittering waves. Remember feeling like yesterday.

My friend and I had also followed the path that led past our cut and seen us around a little on the island. Picked some blueberries. Found the perfect place for a hammock - if we had had with us such! Archipelago views from Solgläntan between the ancient trees. Here we would come back. I had drawn a small cross on the site of the sea chart when we studied it at the kitchen table much later. Soon, we will also run on a barbecue. Some stones around a simple fireplace and old logs to sit on. We lit a small bonfire and grilled our sausages. Had never tasted so good.

SegelraceHomeward bound at sunset was magical. Here and there we drifted past a stationary and another boat which was moored for the night and quietly fading into the evening's last rays.

A small shadow passed over my face. A single cloud had sailed up the sky and obscured the sun for a few moments where I was standing and warming me on my break. A reminder that it was time to return to work. But tonight, I just decided to call my friend and start making plans for next summer's trip out of Sweden's most secret archipelago. The dream was there and had been brought by the first rays of spring. With a smile on his face, I hurried across the tarmac and cruised between cars and cyclists, warm all over. Warm with anticipation for the coming summer new experiences in Vätterns fantastic archipelago. longing, yearn. Soon summer is here ...

Text: Claudia Lewandowski