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Charts 121: 58° 52,7 N 14° 54,0 And

The port below Askersunds Country Church. Open from April to September.
Guest Locations: 15 st and temporary vacancies. Few places for bigger boats at the dock.
Mooring: Good. Fee: And
Service: Service building with kitchen, toilet, shower, scavenging. Marine service station and sewage dump.
Host: Askersunds marina & Citycamp
0583-140 80 or 070-592 82 30
Sights: Square / central parts of Askersund 100m, Stadsvandringar/trivselkvällar i juli, Askersund Country Church, BOARDWALK, Askersunds Homestead 1,5 km, Mini train from the port to the Old Homestead, turbåt M/S Wettervik, Stjernsund castle 5 km. Jogging tracks in nature reserve, tennis court and sauna 2 km.