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Fish, hike, dive, paddle ... When you are in Ödeshög vicinity are always close to large and for many also different nature.

The opportunities to experience something new and unique in the region are inexhaustible. From Ödeshögs side are investing heavily to open up even more to get acquainted with the area's uniqueness. No less than seven different nature- and cultural tours start this year.

The novelties of 2016 hear the trout safari in Alebacken, Butterfly safari in Bomhult, kulturspår and Orrnäsravinen, trolling on Lake Vättern and bivargar in Scratch farm. Do not forget that precisely in these areas, the range of tours very big already.

If you ask what is most characteristic of Odeshog with its surroundings provide most of the answer: nature. Around the urban area of ​​Ödeshög is a long line as beautiful as exciting destinations. In the north Hästholmen, Omberg, Alvastra and Takern. The south winds tourist route, old Riksettan, along Vättern. In the east the stone age- and Viking relics with Rökstenen center. And in the west, you will find Öninge with the Vättern unique rock beach that offers both hiking as fishing, swimming and diving. Here you will also find both camping and a little further north a golf course.

If Ödeshögs urban offer no lake view, it is still a given destination for those who want to shop in smaller stores. In addition, a major effort to create a new, functional and beautiful center.

The contrast is the small town Hästholmen few kilometers north. The ancient and then a few years back newly equipped port facility teeming street life. Hästholmen has become a paradise for divers and fishermen trolling.

For the intrepid is a kayak trip along the slopes of Omberg a great experience. Rödgavels cave is within easy paddling distance. In the same way, you can experience nature and culture on your own, on the water, on foot or by car, but most get you out of professional and dedicated companion that gives you a new dimension.

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