New book for Vättern Passengers

For those looking for more useful tips on places to visit around Vättern, or have specific ties this mythical lake, is the book "Vättern - Meetings food people". It is a mixture between the guide and inspiration-cookbook, in beautiful photographs accentuates forty well-selected locations around the lake.

It is the journalist Ivana Vukadinovic who explored and together with photographer Desiré Östergren embarked on a journey that evokes both the senses and food / lust for life. Through their personal encounters with different people conveyed knowledge in a fun way about both the history and geography of nature and culture. It is a journey in four provinces; Östergötland, Småland, Västergötland and Närke. They stop to everything from castles to more simple, intimate coffee houses, mills, churches and B. The unique environment has its own story to life through the people and the food is the common thread - the green is the emphasis on organic and locally grown. Recipes get your mouth watering.

On the pier Glass Restaurant and bistro in Motala served example älgchiligryta and älgburgare, as well as a different and laced cream menu. Barn 206 Vadstena offers Cheat Chef autumn soup, and the legendary 50's diner in Gränna serves polka kladdkaka. There we learn that every morning, a bunch of old men to eat the "old man sandwich" with liver pate and pickles or fried egg and caviar. For those who want to be a tourist at home, this is a good tipsbok to discover gems in its vicinity that you might not known. For how many Odeshog visited Urnaturs cool forest hotel which attracts visitors from around the world? Here you are both close to nature and the menu says Ulrika chard steaks. Uppgrenna Nature House is a more upscale Visitor Center with a glass roof and Mediterranean garden, built on the basis of the idea of ​​nature's healing power. There are also visits to the Swedish Broadcasting Museum in Motala, Visitor Center Takern and in the vast, bewitching Tivedsskogen - or "pagans and häxkarlarnas forest" as the author Verner von Heidenstamsgatan called the.

Here and there the year around Vättern you can take note of some texts from the book and the page 6 also a recipe.

TEXT: Had Aalto