Mullsjö beckons with unspoiled nature and delicious pastries

Emma Kristensson is the face of Landhs patisserie in Mullsjö. The pastry shop is, however, even in Habo and Bankeryd.

Anyone who visited the open-air Mullsjö municipality has certainly been on Landhs patisserie founded by the three brothers 1933. Since then, it has expanded considerably and in addition to locals, guests go long distance, for the famous lunch buffets and brunches and cake buffets on weekends. The pastry is fabulously beautiful next Mullsjön where all 100 seats have lake views. Is it really badsugen get permission to take a dip from the bridge, although there is no bathing, says Emma Kristensson that has become the face of Landhs. She has worked here since she finished high school 20 years ago, and the store manager. Landhs has in recent years also launched branches in Bankeryd and Habo, but is best known in Mullsjö. Much has been spread through social media, where Emma is diligent in posting pictures of today's wares, and it is obvious which features the power it gives.
- Sellers are our shrimp sandwiches on rye bread. We also own specialties Tosca Viennese boxes and Finesse pastry with glass of cream and strawberries that is a variation of our popular buns. Budapest pastries with banana are also popular. The wide range from the traditional to the newly created and modern.
- We do everything from scratch and try to have as wide a range as possible. In the summer we organize prawns with troubadour on a few occasions. Mullsjö is otherwise known for its beautiful and pristine nature with long hiking trails in old growth Ryfors, Sweden's oldest golf course and all the lakes.
- It is clean and peaceful and mullsjö residents are softer than city people, experiencing Emma.