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Motala Library
Borensbergs Library
Hotell Best Western Motala Statt
Hotel Nostalgia / Motala Motor Museum
Hotels Östermalm Motala
Borenshult Motala
Radiomuseet Motala
Mall Constance Motala
Flower Joy Southern Freberga
Brunneby Borensberg
Medevisalvan Medevi
Kaffeteriet, Borensberg
Flea in Fornåsa
The shopkeeper in Godegård
Tjällmo Gästgiveri
Lindgården Adventure Golf

Are you ready to try something new? In Motala there is room for spontaneity and freedom of choice. With us it is easy to enjoy outdoor activities, unique natural and seaport feeling all year round.

It is no coincidence that called Motala Östergötland seaport. Or Gota Kanal capital for that matter. Wherever you are in Motala, you have only five minutes to the water. And always close to activities and entertainment that has to do with water. But there is more to enjoy than to sunbathe, sail, fish, windsurfing, building sandcastles or jogging on the kilometer-long beaches. With us unite the best of Östergötland nature and culture, and Sjöstaden all the advantages. Including Vätterns clean and clear water!
Vättern is magical in so many ways. The wild and beautiful environment. The clean, crystal clear water. The known and unknown sands. The stories of storms and shipwrecks. DIVINE char and shiny skating ice. Add the Motala River, Lake Boren and more than a hundred other lakes and Tyleskogen in the north and all other outdoor recreation areas and you have a unique arena for your adventure!

An active weekend
Maybe your adventure any of the other sporting events organized in Motala. Then a training weekend in the right environment to be the perfect build-up in combination with comfortable accommodation and good food. Biking, running, swimming, triathlon and water sports, here is the best conditions. Or is your adventure to pull up a big pike in Boren or walk new paths in the exciting nature? Regardless of age or season, there is always something new to discover in nature, or of himself in the encounter with nature. is your guide to nature in Motala Municipality. Hiking Trails, nature reserve, entrances and worth visiting places where presented with beautiful images and descriptive texts. Be inspired before a visit to Motala beautiful nature or take the app to help to find! Welcome to Motala, the capital of Gota Canal!

Three musts

Children / Family
Visit the beach area Varamobaden, a full day for the whole family with treasure hunt, water sports, bad, miniature golf, glass, heated pool, restaurants and overnight accommodation ...

Göta Canal
Holiday Classic, the canal felt happy in the passenger, on foot or on a bike with a good meal in Motala port or channel pearl Borensberg ...

Muse Safari
In the heart of Motala are the more famous motor museum, Radio Museum and Motala museum but also take a trip out to the smaller provincial museums on a cloudy day. Cozy and educational for all ages ...

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