Art Round with growing pains

The past three years have been Southern Vätterbygdens art tour had growing pains of a rapidly expanding organization. Now the work begins to fall into place and the much-needed muscle rest with a built up structure has set konstrundan on the map.

2017 years working. From the left: Natasha Nichols, Elisabeth Glandberger, Sara Magnusson, Jenny Söderlund, Bjorn Will Power, Martina Safe, Anders Andersson, Mattias Hattimas Mogensen, Marie Hertzberg, Soren Nordenström and Vera Zherdev.


- It is wonderful that we are now the third year in a row can arrange konstrundan, says Vera Zherdev, Secretary of the Southern Vätterbygdens art tour. Interest is high and the week before the subscription period has expired, we were fully subscribed with a bunch of reserves in line. Many artists are returning from previous years, says Vera Zherdev, but there will also be a lot of new. Most of the exhibitors are local artists and craftspeople, but we also hitresta from large parts of the country. The goal has always been to involve local art scene to show the diversity that is. The catchment area is large and it becomes difficult for visitors to see everything. The idea is that you get to sift and visit different parts of konstrundan from year to year. collection exhibition, folder and the app will give an overview of the visitors to create their own itinerary.
- Konstrundan is an artist-driven and we are all volunteers, says Vera Zherdev. We who have been involved from the start, had a view to the art tour is open to all. Therefore, the width is large where amateur and professional artists and craftsmen share the attention of visitors. A variation in the materials they work with, and its expression is also an important part of the experience, and therefore we have no restrictions on how large or small works to show the collection exhibition. This is something the visitors really appreciated.