Art and Antiquities best tips in Mjölby

Ia Lindgren is one of 20 entered in Mjölby Arttour.
She and the other artists show their works in each studio, which can be visited by appointment.


Mjölby art tour takes place 17-19 August and the group exhibition with the 20 ordinary members plus some guests will take place in the old power station in the city center, beautifully situated near the homestead farm and left the buildings.
- This is the best part of Mjölby, says the artist Ia Lindgren. The large height differences in Mjölby beds for the waterfalls and the old mill environment, around which Hembygdsparken grew up. Ia Lindgren receives in his studio that she designed herself.
- There is a great diversity of expressions and techniques in konstrundan, and we who participate develop together when we meet. Most of the artists exhibiting in their studios in addition to the group exhibition, and they can of course visit at other times of the year, says Ia Lindgren. The website shows what is offered and there is contact information for artists, so you can determine the time if you want to come and watch. Ia Lindgren Guides addition Hembygdsparken is very much about interesting relics: Royal mounds and Lund slope outside Vallerstad. Lund slope is an age-old cemetery with stones set in a manner similar to Stonehenge in England Högby stone think Ia Lindgren also interesting. It is a rune that contains a full pedigree on one side.