Ingen glass, not toys - guaranteed fun

Johanna caravanWe vacationed Siljan. It was just so-so idyllic as I imagined it would be. Dala Horses and evening swim and shacks. On one occasion, however, everything to go wrong. Nearby Leksand put the signs along the way for a water world.

Fortunately the child's father and I were perfectly synchronized in our horror that rounded up with hundreds of thousands of second sweaty families with children in a fenced water Hell.
"LOOK WHAT A BIG TREE!"Exclaimed we run and got the non-literate children to look the other way. And so we had svischat past the pools and water slides without them ever needed to know what they missed (Until now then. But it should be barred by now.)

People often say that they love to seek out their own small gems beyond the beaten track. Men det vete fan. My experience is that people go on part, terrified to get lost if they deviate in the slightest from the wide, Charted tourist route.

It's both sad and luck. Sad because you miss out on so much adventure, lucky for us who can keep our favorite spots alone. Could it be because they want to have some kind of fortune-guarantee on their holiday, those few days when life should be lived fully? And so one forgets that the only a water park can guarantee is expensive ice cream, poor french and someone slips and settles?

Hamnen2I think it is all about marketing. Smultronställen is simply harder to sell. Take my own personal favorite around Vättern; Röttle by, a few kilometers south of Gränna. An ad for Röttle would sound something like, "No kiosk, ingen glass, no cafes or restaurants, not toys. WELCOME!"

But the fact is that there is a place on earth I spent so many happy days with my children where. Utforskandes Rasmus mill, fascinated watched the mighty waterfall, vandrandes i den trolska bokskogen, lazily spirit picnic on a blanket in the harbor. To say nothing of all the hours that we have collected, Staple, picked and thrown sandwich with all the rocks formed round and smooth by the water. And then have a picnic move on to barbecue with evening swim. Recipe for a successful day? And! Guaranteed fun? And!

Johanna-retroIt's a bit the same with Hallska estate in Granna, where I summertime is my little retro shop. We are ten steps from the main street Brahegatan on a heritage declared yard, We have a very cozy café, an antiquarian, a gallery, a paper workshop and is also Grännas only polkagris free zone – but damn what difficult it is to attract tourists to make a small, slight detour from the tourist path. We hang the flags, pennants and signage, but no. Many simply not dare.

In the summer, perhaps we should simply bet on a big banner reading "GUARANTEED COSY". Or maybe even better: "Water Parks 20 METER”?

Welcome to the Gränna in summer. All who dare shirk polkagriskokerierna get a medal for bravery!

Johanna Linder
freelance journalist, host for Karlavagen P4. Driver summer Grenna Retro on Hallska farm in Gränna. Lives in Gränna.