Now begin blogging…

Vättern – a mythical lake and countryside, a landscape that varies from bright beaches to steep ravines and from the rolling plains to deep forests. With tradition and innovation, we welcome along with you our visitors to everything Vätterbygden has to offer.

The magazine Around the Vättern and website available to you for that operates in the visited- and event nutrition together with your colleagues will attract even more visitors to the exciting Vättern Area. You see in the that is extremely easy to find on the net, you can be seen in the newspaper so that together we keep the visitors remain in the area even further.

Here at guest blog you will continuously keep you updated on what's happening in the area and how we are working together to increase the flow of tourists. Representatives from Around the Vätterns partners, namely tourism Contractor, municipalities, business corporation, Vätternrundan, Göta Canal and visitors, and hopefully one or another "celebrity" guest blogs by about two weeks apart.

annaFirst up on the guest blog is Anna Österlund, former project manager for Kräftriket and from January 2014 Tourism Officer in Habo, one of our participating Vättern the municipalities.