Forsviks use a cultural jewel

During the annual forsvik days are usually the area teeming with visitors. Industrial environment is now classed as a listed building and is visited annually by approximately 30 000 people.

The small resort Forsvik in Karlsborg municipality close to the canal is a natural- and cultural gem. Here are the oldest known industrial site - Forsviks use with a combined industrial environment as it looked in the early 1900s. Today classified as a heritage building, with around 30 000 visitors annually. It works Maria Lindevall ago 2000 receptionist, Guide and exhibitions. Maria tells how the whole forsvik lives up in summer.
- It's the big picture of the beautiful environment, where, through a series of activities and events both want to make history live and provide visitors with pleasant experiences. The mill was closed down 1977 and the buildings began to decay, but in the early 1980s, it was realized that the value of the environment and started major renovation works. In total there are twelve restored buildings showing both production and how people lived in the community around the mill and the living environment of workers'.
- Previously, it has been mostly focused on the technical process, but when 600 anniversary 2010 and then in the exhibition "The women's stories" we have chosen to highlight women and their significance has been forgotten. There were many women use cartridges that appeared in the hidden. It was Elizabeth Cronström who ruled mill 40 years 2017. She was single-minded, rich and widow, which at the time was the premise. New this year is the exhibition of the great iron foundry. It shows all aspects of work in a foundry from the working to the casting process, concludes Maria Lindevall.