A day at Svecia Travels is not like the other…

Hello! My name is Ida Karlsson and I go my third and final year at Hotel- and Tourism program at Västervik Gymnasium. When I found out that it was time to give me out on my last internship, I wanted to be extra careful with my choice. I knew I was curious about tourism- and the travel industry and Lake City Motala had long attracted me, What then could be better than travel- and packaging Office Svecia Travels. I sent an internship request by mail and a few days later plingade it to my inbox, I opened the email eagerly and was very happy when I realized that my request had been accepted. Svecia Travels would be less than two weeks to be my internship.

As usual when it comes to something new and exciting, I had a fairly sleepless night with many butterflies in the stomach. The next morning I was there in the office in time where I was very positively received what has for two weeks would be my so-called colleagues. After just a few hours on my new internship I sat in the car on the way to explore new places, I understood immediately that my two weeks on Svecia Travels would be very interesting and especially eventful.


Ida Hova at Stickan Andersson's memory.

A day at Svecia Travels is rarely ever the same, one day to pack bags in a cold but familiar stores and you drive rally in Tivedsskogen, it was just that struck me when I decided to extend my internship with another two weeks. My work has, as I said has been very varied, everything from paperwork and exciting meetings to acting co-driver on our excursions.

I have always had a great interest in meeting new people and listening to new stories and ideas which I have actually been doing during these weeks. I have the Svecia Travels got a good balance between the practical and the theoretical and have had the opportunity to explore both Östergötland and Västergötland. I have discovered new activities and attractions and gained a much clearer picture of the industry.

I can reveal that I have previously been opposed to practice when I have not found any interesting or instructive internship, but after my four weeks on Svecia Travels have this picture positive change. Now, instead I happily admit that Svecia Travels has been one of my best internships. I'm happy and especially pleased that Svecia Travels was my last-secondary internship. I will take with me a lot from these four weeks, and I'm sure I now have a clearer picture of what I could possibly work with in the future, if not, I at least got a lot of geography lessons.

It is now almost time for me to leave Motala and Östergötland behind me and head home to Småland again, until I thank you warmly for four interesting, eventful and exciting weeks of Svecia Travels. See you again!