CTV 2014 Motala

Bicycle Association's annual Bike Week Tourist comes to Motala in summer

Sol, wind and water is the best that I know. It is hard to imagine anything that reminds us more of summer than just Tedd Gärdestad unforgettable song. It is precisely this line of text that I had at the retina throughout this spring in working. Hopefully these are precisely the elements that you and maybe about 500 other cyclists will take home with them after the summer cycling holiday in Motala.

I Marcus Torstenfelt responsible for all kinds of bicycle issues in Motala Municipality and among other things I'm working right now to achieve a cycle tourist week in and around the Motala. That's why I got Tedd Gärdestad song on the retina.

Motala Bicycle Sculpture

Vättern, Varamon and the canal is frequently visited tourist destination today, which I associate with these elements. With Vätterstranden Round also displays thousands of cyclists every year that it is possible to ride around this deep and very elongated lake. Where would it be more appropriate to locate a cycling holiday than right here?

Motala is this year hosted the Bicycle Association's annual cycle tourism week which takes place during the last week of July. Ride out on Östgötaslätten overlooking Vättern, the visitor center Takern and Omberg or along the Göta Canal old towpaths. Motala Östergötland seaport now cooperating with Vadstena, Mjölby and Ödeshög to jointly produce an exciting experience for you this summer.

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Marcus Torstenfelt