A day at Svecia Travels is not like the other…

Hello! My name is Ida Karlsson and I go my third and final year at Hotel- and Tourism program at Västervik Gymnasium. When I found out that it was time to give me out on my last internship, I wanted to be extra careful with my choice. I knew I was curious about tourism- and the travel industry and Lake City Motala had long attracted me, What then could be better than travel- and packaging Office Svecia Travels. I sent an internship request by mail and a few days later plingade it to my inbox, I opened the email eagerly and was very happy when I realized that my request had been accepted. Svecia Travels would be less than two weeks to be my internship.

As usual when it comes to something new and exciting, I had a fairly sleepless night with many butterflies in the stomach. The next morning I was there in the office in time where I was very positively received what has for two weeks would be my so-called colleagues. After just a few hours on my new internship I sat in the car on the way to explore new places, I understood immediately that my two weeks on Svecia Travels would be very interesting and especially eventful.


Ida Hova at Stickan Andersson's memory.

A day at Svecia Travels is rarely ever the same, one day to pack bags in a cold but familiar stores and you drive rally in Tivedsskogen, it was just that struck me when I decided to extend my internship with another two weeks. My work has, as I said has been very varied, everything from paperwork and exciting meetings to acting co-driver on our excursions.

I have always had a great interest in meeting new people and listening to new stories and ideas which I have actually been doing during these weeks. I have the Svecia Travels got a good balance between the practical and the theoretical and have had the opportunity to explore both Östergötland and Västergötland. I have discovered new activities and attractions and gained a much clearer picture of the industry.

I can reveal that I have previously been opposed to practice when I have not found any interesting or instructive internship, but after my four weeks on Svecia Travels have this picture positive change. Now, instead I happily admit that Svecia Travels has been one of my best internships. I'm happy and especially pleased that Svecia Travels was my last-secondary internship. I will take with me a lot from these four weeks, and I'm sure I now have a clearer picture of what I could possibly work with in the future, if not, I at least got a lot of geography lessons.

It is now almost time for me to leave Motala and Östergötland behind me and head home to Småland again, until I thank you warmly for four interesting, eventful and exciting weeks of Svecia Travels. See you again!

CTV 2014 Motala

Bicycle Association's annual Bike Week Tourist comes to Motala in summer

Sol, wind and water is the best that I know. It is hard to imagine anything that reminds us more of summer than just Tedd Gärdestad unforgettable song. It is precisely this line of text that I had at the retina throughout this spring in working. Hopefully these are precisely the elements that you and maybe about 500 other cyclists will take home with them after the summer cycling holiday in Motala.

I Marcus Torstenfelt responsible for all kinds of bicycle issues in Motala Municipality and among other things I'm working right now to achieve a cycle tourist week in and around the Motala. That's why I got Tedd Gärdestad song on the retina.

Motala Bicycle Sculpture

Vättern, Varamon and the canal is frequently visited tourist destination today, which I associate with these elements. With Vätterstranden Round also displays thousands of cyclists every year that it is possible to ride around this deep and very elongated lake. Where would it be more appropriate to locate a cycling holiday than right here?

Motala is this year hosted the Bicycle Association's annual cycle tourism week which takes place during the last week of July. Ride out on Östgötaslätten overlooking Vättern, the visitor center Takern and Omberg or along the Göta Canal old towpaths. Motala Östergötland seaport now cooperating with Vadstena, Mjölby and Ödeshög to jointly produce an exciting experience for you this summer.

Learn more about this week


Marcus Torstenfelt


kraftburkSwallowed, swallowed again and again. This was certainly nothing to be nervous about? They've hired me because I'm me and that they believe in my ideas. Or? Have I fooled them, I can surely nothing about being a project manager, Leader or business development of rural tourism. No, Anna swallow again and put on a good song in the car.

Det blev Shining light med Annie Lennox. It calmed my nerves and now in retrospect, I can laugh because I was so nervous before my first day as a Project Leader funded project Location Kräftriket.

The first day was mostly about getting all the material submitted, budging the desktop of my new office, a photography facing a newspaper and start to fill in the Project Diary Leader.

My name is Anna Österlund and between December 2011 and August 2013 I was project manager for Destination Kräftriket.

Cliché enough, I want to simulate the time the project during a trip. A journey that began with the complete chaos in my head and ended with a quiet calm and a belief that I have done all I knew for "my" project.

The journey as a project manager gave me countless trips around Vättern and a number even to kings island - Visingsö. On the journey I have met many fellow travelers, people who are passionate about their business whether it is small entrepreneurs or large public actors. Vättern has been the common denominator and she has been a good companion on the journey. She has shown all its sides, its diverse landscape, his fiery temper and total tranquility, dark depths and bright beaches yes exactly what she shows every day. She has incidentally been seeing or hearing my sides also.

The idea of ​​the project was to promote everything that Vätterbygden has to offer, under one roof, not for each municipality or county by county. I have been struggling to tell me that it's destination development project is working, no prices or quotas on crayfish.

game booth

Among the first things I did was to meet with all our members. Those who represented the association Kräftriket and also those that I would work to promote. The opportunity to take part of their activities, musings, dreams and laid the foundation for what we then worked up to project final.

The project is bubbling with ideas and the most difficult thing was to weed out what we should focus on and then what was needed decisions are taken only.

A key issue was how do we collect the deals available in one place and who would be the technical organizer of them? We discussed many different solutions, and finally came to the conclusion that the project could not be technically responsible, but that this mission would be traded up to someone who could be better. Said and done, we conducted a mini contract that ended with the Svecia Travels became the project's technical organizer and thus responsible for the booking system description- create attractive offers with our members as base.

appelodlingWe wanted to deliver and produce offers and materials of very high quality. In order to do that you have to have good people around him. Therefore, we began to build up an image bank with the aid of a photograph where both images of our members activities Vätterns varying seasons included. We took the help of a graphic designer to join our printed materials and to build an inviting website. It is my personal opinion that everyone should focus on what that particular person is good at and then take the help of others with what precisely they are good at.

Having a well thought out website that showcases our bookable range became a reality early 2013 and when it was finally time to show off Vättern for more! We chose to exhibit at Konfex fair in Gothenburg and bike week in Motala that includes, Half – Girl – and Vätternrundan. We invited the goodies that emanated from the lake as crayfish mix made from Vättern Crayfish and strawberries grown a stone's throw from the shore. The most fun fairs were the reactions we received from residents around Vättern, they were fascinated that there was so much to do in their own homeland! From business owners we received feedback that Vättern has a geographically convenient location – just between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

A project that has been going for a long time and who had so many different people involved also deserved to live on after the project ends. We asked again our members if anyone was interested to take over and drive forward the work of the project initiated – we got to talk directly. One of our own members saw the potential of the destination Vättern and it is exactly the reason I'm writing this blog post. Kräftriket has gone from Leader project to a portion of an existing company with very good prospects where Svecia Travels with around Vättern produce including this website and the year around Vättern the newspaper publishing in April.

fyrdomsandKräftriket became a successful project when it was surrounded by driving people who had the ability to put the best project in the first place and see how the destination Vättern may become one of Sweden's foremost attraction.

So welcome to Vättern. And Vättern I want to say thank you for continuing allows me to have you as a workplace and inspiration.


Anna Österlund
Editorial Board – Around Vättern
Coordinator – Experience Habo, Trade & Tourism



Now begin blogging…

Vättern – a mythical lake and countryside, a landscape that varies from bright beaches to steep ravines and from the rolling plains to deep forests. With tradition and innovation, we welcome along with you our visitors to everything Vätterbygden has to offer.

The magazine Around the Vättern and website vattern.se available to you for that operates in the visited- and event nutrition together with your colleagues will attract even more visitors to the exciting Vättern Area. You see in the vattern.se that is extremely easy to find on the net, you can be seen in the newspaper so that together we keep the visitors remain in the area even further.

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annaFirst up on the guest blog is Anna Österlund, former project manager for Kräftriket and from January 2014 Tourism Officer in Habo, one of our participating Vättern the municipalities.