Vätternrundan results of a research experiment

I år, 2015, running the 50:e Vätternrundan. Perhaps it was the start of the motionscykelvåg that just increases and increases. The story of how Vätternrundan came to the familiar, and can be told over and over again. But what was really the people, with not too accurate for-preparations, and above all, without any adapted for the purpose equipment, cycled 30 mil around Sweden's second largest lake? And why did they do it?

Stone-Otto Liljedahl

Stone-Otto Liljedahl

Motala Bördige doctor and later professor Sten Otto Liljedahl came after half of his career to take an interest also for their own health. Running and skiing took less good, but the bike worked better.

The 40-year-old Liljedahl wanted to have a goal with his training. To ride the 30 mile round Vättern was the first. But as usual, put the then Docent Liljedahl not himself in the first room. In the local newspaper one day after the race he explained that bike adventure was part of a research project. The reporter asks: "Why do you do these experiments with yourself?"

"Already, because I want to know what I'm talking about, so that no one can come and say that it's just theories. This experiment is part of a long chain of other samples that we made at the Karolinska Institute. Immediately after this I aim to make multiple checks on a larger number of people. These will undergo similar trials that we are now undergoing ", responds Stone-Otto Liljedahl.

Which therefore needed a companion who could control the heart rate and other body functions during the journey.

The family Liljedahl

- To begin with, there was talk that I would follow, says Sten-Otto's wife Ingrid Liljedahl.

- I thought we would take a week at us around the lake, but when I got clear to me that it would be done in a day I backed out.

Cut out Motala Journal 198 1964. Stop in karlsborg during the Stone-Otto Liljedahls and Evert Rydell's first round.

Cut out Motala Journal 198 1964. Stop in karlsborg during the Stone-Otto Liljedahls and Evert Rydell's first round.

We found Ingrid and parts of stone-Otto Liljedahls family in the house on Granvägen 2 Motala, i Varamon, where it all started. Then Stone-Otto Liljedahls summer house, today residence for his son Peter with family.

Peter is gearing up for its third round, again with the start number 1, which is reserved to the family. Earlier rounds of Peter was the anniversary years 1987 and 1990. Around the table are also the daughters Eva and Karin who made the respective round, both 1985. With also Karin's son, Marcus, who will make his first race this anniversary year.

Once Vätternrundan became an official and growing races did place first as the start and finish, and many years after that as a center for all the family Liljedahls acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances during round.

- It was like a Bedouin camp with tents everywhere and lots of people, continues -Ingrid who took it upon himself to make porridge, bake pancakes and cook steaks to all gathered in Varamon.

Idrottsläkarnas fader

If Stone-Otto Liljedahl is known to posterity as one of Vätternrundan founder as it is for many perhaps easy to overlook what he accomplished as a doctor and became known both among colleagues of a whole world of sport.

In medical circles called Stone-Otto Liljedahl as "The father of sports medicine" - sports physicians father.

- My father realized that it was possible to do much more for active athletes who suffered damage, says Peter Liljedahl. A sprained ankle, a broken knee or a damaged hip could spoil an entire sports career while waiting for the regular care.

So it was that way-Otto Liljedahl already 1958 became the football team doctor, and later also the Medical Director of the Swedish Olympic team - during the entire six Olympic Games, from Rome 1960 to Moscow 1980.

From near and far

Granvägen 2 was the summer home and Motala place for relaxation. But so relaxing it was rarely.

- He was passionate about his work and was incredibly involved in everything and everyone, and, most incredibly helpful. Hit came athletes from far and wide, known and unknown, says Ingrid and talks about all the memories when injured athletes literally stood in line outside the summer house of stone-Otto would review their X-rays.

Stone-Otto Liljedahl was a surgeon at the Karolinska in Stockholm and went on to become a professor at Linköping Hospital. Linköping, he moved not only himself, his work and his family. He was joined by a long list of talented colleagues, laying the foundations of the prominent university hospitals Linkoping boasts today.

Of knee arthroscopy and the recognized burn clinic at Linköping University Hospital's other famous works autographed Stone-Otto Liljedahl.


(The article published in this year's edition of the newspaper around Vättern)

Gathered in the hall of the former summer house, nowadays the villa on Granvägen 2, Karin, Ingrid, Peter, Eva and Marcus. We also glimpsed Stone-Otto Liljedahls cycle that Peter will now get on for the third time with the start number 1.

Gathered in the hall of the former summer house, nowadays the villa on Granvägen 2, Karin, Ingrid, Peter, Eva and Marcus. We also glimpsed Stone-Otto Liljedahls cycle that Peter will now get on for the third time with the start number 1.

If- and the relaunch of entrepreneurs in the quality of life for body and soul


Now expanding Nettan Torner their business on Poplar Street in Motala with two additional partners, operating in the same industry; body- and beauty.

In Motala where the transformation occurred from heavy industry to eg the beauty industry creates new jobs and clinic at Poppelgatan helps make Motala attractive.

- I have had my business 5 years and worked with traditional skin- and beauty. But felt I wanted to expand and offer it as example is popular in larger cities, says Nettan Torner owner of Nettans quality of life. Today, continues Nettan, it's not just an exclusive group of people who care for their appearance without my customers range from young mothers to cheer seniors.

And one of their new colleagues are Rania Abdocakar, originating in Motala and now an immigrant from Jonkoping,

- My specialty is permanent tattoo, eg eyebrows, which has had a resurgence in recent years, and of course Botox injections, said Raia . Furthermore continues Raia – It will be fun to get to know Motala residents and offer more exclusive range!

Colleague No two is a known Motala-face, Helli Bjorklund with ABF as his latest work, which has now been saddled and trained as a chiropodist.

- I want my customers to feel peace and quiet with me, get good foot care and I always end with classic foot massage. We intend to take care of everything, from head to toe, says Heli and smiling!

The new focus is started and inaugurated on 8 december, and that it is just before Christmas fits well. It is very common to give away a gift for Christmas, on any of the above opportunities to improve and beautify the outside.

- And, we have busy days just before Christmas, we have many visits to the clinic just for the purchase of Christmas gifts in the form of gift cards. But it is lovely days, said Nettan. And would finally like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2015!

Read more on Nettans Livskvalités website

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50:e Vätternrundan

Night Pass

Night Pass

With eight months to go until our events 2015 we can welcome about 27-28 000 notified already in November's autumn darkness!

We will welcome even more before we enter June 2015 in the calendar, and bicycle and jogging boom still persists, we can note with pleasure.

Preparations are running a long time and a great change for next year is that the starting location and fair / shop will swap places. A simple fled in theory but more complicated in reality, However, everything goes as planned and anchoring among all parties concerned take place in a wonderfully positive spirit.

This summer, the 50:e Vätternrundan be implemented and obviously we prepare this anniversary, the three people so far have gone all 49 times will all be on the start line.

Many are also those who are there for the first time, about half of all participants every year new boot list. They have decided to accept the challenge that our race being and on the way there, they will improve their health and quality of life, something we are very excited to be a part of!

In June we will also hear the national anthems are played in Motala and World Championships medals will be awarded!

Long distance triathlon in the crotch and from around the world will triathletes to fight. This event is part of our activity plan for our anniversary.

Many people are there each year helps to ensure that all visitors / cyclists get a great experience when they come to us. One group are those who rent their houses / flats for our participants, a prerequisite for all to be well cared for.

And there are many more that are equally important to our events will be successful. Without all of these partnerships would be no cycling race in Motala! These days in June every year is important “window” against the whole world to put Motala on the map. With a good host, chances are many people who come to us to bike also comes back to Motala on more occasions, something that obviously we would like to!

Now it's full focus on next summer, interest from our participants is greater than ever and we tagged!

Warm welcome to Motala and our arrangements 2015!

Eva-Lena Frick, CEO Vätternrundan

100 years of dreams

_MG_9745_Hotellet_316x175For exact 100 years ago held the Re-Opening party with prom here at Ombergs Tourist Hotel! The hotel, Originally built 1892, had burned to the ground but thanks to enterprising people like Ellen Key, it was rebuilt.
The idea is dizzy – Not only that during all these years since its, People have come here to stay at the guest house and dine in the restaurant. The idea is also staggering to the then, as we now, saw the potential of what was close, and used nature in the form of raw materials but also as recreation.

100 years have passed but the feeling of days gone there and reminds us that we are creating a part of a förhoppningsis long history here at Ombergs Tourist Hotel!That it was an old-honored guest house was obvious, but only after a time in the house, and after meetings with people who lived, eaten, celebrated and work here, we understand the unique and important place this is too many, and not least ourselves! The importance of managing this house as it is worth, we saw from the beginning but we also saw that it would require a tremendous amount of knowledge, time and even money to restore it.

All four of us owners are the Jonas Larsson is responsible for the property. He is interested and knowledgeable on Architectural and has started work that will last long, long.

Together with Jonas, we have, Pernilla Larsson (economy- and conference booking manager), Linda Johansson (Restaurant Manager) and Marcus Larsson (Chef) planned and created economic and structural conditions for Ombergs Tourist Hotel to live in 100 year.

In order to continue to manage this incredible place it is not enough with the four of us and our talented employees. It requires guests to come here day after day, year round and contributes to the business and thus create resources for the future.

Therefore, we are extremely grateful for all of you who return to us time after time. You also recommend friends and acquaintances to come here to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the old wooden house, the familiar treatment and especially- the well-cooked food made from local and organic ingredients from the region!

Without all these lovely guests, we would be nothing and had not had the prerequisites to continue working with not only our dream, but also the continuation of the story of Ombergs Tourist Hotel!


Hästholmen – a charming town by Vättern


It's always a great experience to be part of the Horse Park along with many people. Here thrive both residents and visitors. A glance in the rearview mirror.

A reasonably sheltered bay, one of the few on Vätterns east side, made the Horse Park became a popular landing place for wayfarers during 1100- and 1200s.

By Sea Horse Park - Hjo was a good connection between the eastern and western Sweden for both personal- and cargo traffic. During the 1300s, traffic was brisk and Hästholmen flourished.

In the 1300s was Hästholmen one of four cities in Östergötland with its own city seal. According to documents from the 1384, is the imprint of a seal on which it stands “Villa Hestolmiensis”, which is to mean the city or bracket.

From the beginning, there was no port facility so the larger ships had to anchor at “save”. In the 1850s came the actual port building to the harbor and then got basically the design as valid today.


Horse Park is today a developing society with the increasing number of visitors who want to experience the proximity to the water but also the small town charm. The most important is that those who live and thrive in that way, more and more visitors.

During the summer, many båtbesökare but many also take overland to see and experience life in the harbor. This fantastikska summer swimming area also has had many visitors thanks to the beauty of Vättern The water had a further experience of Vättern.

Horse Park is characterized by the small town charm and that different interests can interact in a good way. The marina has invested a lot for boaters, the joint, new bridges, building and future swash plate to make boats clean. Trolling activities have increased betydlit recent years and to contribute to increased activities has improved boat ramp, a fiskrenshus under construction. Since a long time Hästholmen fishing port association boathouse in the harbor for the fishing in a slightly larger scale. Horse Park is also a famous place for diving and diver education and divers are an important element in the harbor. All of these compounds in the port enables collaboration and cooperation developed. We have taken advantage of when we work together with future plans. The investments in the port has contributed to more visitors throughout the Horse Park which meant that other traders invested more. Here are companies that keep on diving, kayak rentals and boat tours on Vättern. There are several restaurants, glass coffee shop and florist with other garden items and trinkets. Like in many places there is also the Horse Park flea market with many diverse things. For those who are interested in history are petroglyphs and proximity to Omberg and Ellen Key. For those who are interested in sports activities are available ranging from boules, miniature golf, proximity to Omberg and a very good golf course at Stora Lund.

Welcome to an exciting Hästholmen and want you to stay here year round so it is planned for new homes in the harbor!


Michael Cornell

Chairman of Hästholmen Port & Store AB, a company that started 1856.


Hjo is amazing!

I remember when I got the news, I had gotten Service. Happiness was complete! That was what I had longed for in all my years of continuous exams and rank and file in the tourism- and travel industry at all possible and impossible places. And now at last was my job; then as tourism coordinator, now as a tourist responsible Hjo.

Still, after nearly two and a half years, it's just as fun and challenging. It could not be otherwise in a job where days are filled with a mix; Ads will be produced, Photo shots for the annual tourist brochure will be planned, printed materials to be produced, projects implemented, personal schemaläggas, invoices were booked, souvenirs purchased, tourists will be satisfied, and right now: blog tightened around Vättern! And, sometimes it becomes körigt and one wonders in his own mind "where does all that time the way", but it is worth it because it is so much fun!

Moreover, it is a very rewarding task to promote O and the annual tourist brochure is not difficult to fill with all the finery that Hjo has to offer; wooden town with its authentic setting and beautiful old house with gingerbread along the charming small cobbled streets, cozy cafes, restaurants and small shops selling local products. The steamer Traffic tuffat on then 1892, port, the nature reserve along with Hjoån and of course location by the lake Vättern just at this moment reached the entire 25 degrees; only that a phenomenon in itself. And, I go everywhere and småmyser little when I pallrar me to work in the morning, comply with all the tourists that are already on the move, Moreover atmosfären, the opportunity to slip in and take my morning coffee at one of the cafés and notes that "life is not so stupid anyway", or rather, "Hjo is not so stupid anyway"! Hjo is actually quite amazing ... if I may say so as a somewhat "biased spectator". Of course, I would of course be happy to demonstrate an example of Hjo in his "fantastiskhet". And quite right too. To follow such a.

image001The other morning I was unusually up extra early. The clock was on the neckline at six o'clock and on the agenda were: paddle on Vättern. A colleague and I met down at the harbor shortly thereafter, still sleep in your eyes, but charged for a lovely day at the lake. Life Jackets, Water Bottles, Mobiles, water tight bag, packed lunch, Paddle, kayaks ... All these issues on the spot - check! Down in the kayaks, and so at last! Silently we glide out on a glassy lake, south direction Almnäs Mill. We paddle through the port, past the boardwalk on the south, along with green beaches and small coves, on a lake which is like an aquarium - so clear that you can see the bottom. It was an amazing morning, a few hours of paddling, a morning swim and a good cup of coffee at a beach. Where can you experience this before a day at work without having to carry for miles, I ask myself? Here in Hjo can it, all this is within walking distance just around the corner. And maybe that's why people experience Hjo as simple and as straightforward, relaxing even. Just as a holiday should be!

So you have not been here before, cordially welcome here to experience a day in the middle of my fabulous job – Hjo!


Lotta Persson, turistansvarig, Hjo.

Guided tours of Ellen Key's footsteps

ellenThis year, noted author Ellen Key a little extra in Östergötland. Her home Strand, at Ombergs southern slopes has attracted visitors ever since she lived there.

Beach is now run by a foundation and according to Ellen's testament, she wanted to open her home to major urban women who would experience a home real country and come and stay a few nights during the summer. Today you share out stay scholarships and receives guests during a few summer weeks. All women over 25 years 2017, who are interested in Ellen Key, are welcome to apply for the scholarship. During that period, Beach closed to other visitors.

Ellen Key concerns and Beach is a popular destination in our area. This year Rökstenen working with guided tours of the area and Ellen Key collaboration where we offer guided walks in the footsteps of author.

Guided tours every Monday during the summer

We have nine fixed guide occasions on Mondays at. 11.00 during the period 23/6-18/8. The tour is done in the Strand surroundings at Omberg and under 1-1,5 hours, an easier hike and our guide tells us about Ellen and her relationship to Omberg and countryside. You also get an insight into what life in the early 1900s was like,. The tour booked in advance and costs 150 kr / person.

Ase guidesTrekking Packages in the author's footsteps

We also arrange longer hikes (such as 6 km) along with Ellen Key point on Omberg. The package includes a guided tour on the beach during their regular hours, accompanying guide on the hike that tells more about Ellen and her relationship with Omberg and picnic lunch.

This year we have no fixed tours. Therefore, you need to be at least four people booking package and then we adjust the date by when you can. Hiking package booked in advance and costs 570 kr / person.


Åse theorell, Rökstenens visitor center

Does not tire of the view

Övralid 11 June 2014

For almost ten years I have been working on Verner von Heidenstams Övralid, north of Motala. Not once have I got tired of the view of Vättern. No matter what season, I can stand in the quarter or longer and gaze out towards Västgöta- and Narke Page. Right now as I write this the rain is pouring down and the thunder rumbles over Vättern and Övralid. A few visitors, bl.a. from France have found here and they get to experience a cozy home with lighted lamps in each single room, Now when the dark clouds hang heavy in the sky. Great beautifully, both outside and inside. It is just as cozy to sit inside the Grandfather infront serving in the rain, like to sit outside when it's bright sunshine.

DSC_0630To ride up here to this lovely place and together with my colleagues to show the National Poet's home and tell his mode of living, is a privilege and a cold.

When Övralid closes for the season so I work as a tourism teacher at Vadstena High School. It is extremely inspiring to share knowledge with new abilities in the hospitality industry and to have the knowledge of how the younger generation thinks about the future of tourism business. I would like to thank all the guest speakers to the school and hosts at our study. You are doing a great impression on the students and are very important in their training, to learn from and make connections with professionals.

Every year organizes Vadstena College student a trip around Vättern overnight in Hjo. We visit among others. Askersund, Forsvik, Karlsborg, Habo, Jönköping and Gränna. Students must guide themselves in the bus for each other and at the visits will take over established guides. This year we will extend the trip by a day because I believe that there is so much to experience and that one should not rush around Vättern.

Some others who go around Vättern days are all these cyclists. Vätternrundan Organization does a fantastic job and contribute more to Motala and other municipalities around Vättern than people think, or want to understand. However, there are some who do not understand this by welcoming visitors and present a positive image of Motala, Östergötland seaport. I think of these parking guards walking and fine cars which stand for a few hours during the bicycle races on completely harmless sites for traffic, p.g.a. that there is not enough parking. Vet Hut, ashamed, give you, How do you?, an education in the common sense, mm mm.

V-von-H monochromeSpeaking of education as there are regular, s.k. Ambassador trainings in both Motala and other municipalities. In most municipalities, these are for the municipality's own officials and politicians. I'm as surprised every time I hear of this. Where are all the shop owner, bensinstationspersonal, hotel- restaurant- and café staff, Point of Interest, Parking guards etc.? It is these people visitors meet during their visits and it is at these places they want and to get relevant information.

After twenty years in the hospitality industry, I know how important it is to how to get information and from whom. That's why I and my colleagues at Övralid field trips to various places to visit near Övralid each year. Partly for its own sake, but even more to provide information to our visitors and get them to stay for a few hours or days to Motala, Östergötland or around Vättern. I am therefore very happy and generous when owners and staff from other places to visit undertakes a journey to Övralid.

The rain continues to pour down and more visitors have found their way here, Then I started writing. Now I'll have a cup of coffee in the kitchen and look out over Vättern and see if it clears up.

Warm welcome to Övralid rain or shine, summer and winter.

P-G Andersson

Superintendent of Övralid
Tourism Teachers Vadstena High School

A day at Svecia Travels is not like the other…

Hello! My name is Ida Karlsson and I go my third and final year at Hotel- and Tourism program at Västervik Gymnasium. When I found out that it was time to give me out on my last internship, I wanted to be extra careful with my choice. I knew I was curious about tourism- and the travel industry and Lake City Motala had long attracted me, What then could be better than travel- and packaging Office Svecia Travels. I sent an internship request by mail and a few days later plingade it to my inbox, I opened the email eagerly and was very happy when I realized that my request had been accepted. Svecia Travels would be less than two weeks to be my internship.

As usual when it comes to something new and exciting, I had a fairly sleepless night with many butterflies in the stomach. The next morning I was there in the office in time where I was very positively received what has for two weeks would be my so-called colleagues. After just a few hours on my new internship I sat in the car on the way to explore new places, I understood immediately that my two weeks on Svecia Travels would be very interesting and especially eventful.


Ida Hova at Stickan Andersson's memory.

A day at Svecia Travels is rarely ever the same, one day to pack bags in a cold but familiar stores and you drive rally in Tivedsskogen, it was just that struck me when I decided to extend my internship with another two weeks. My work has, as I said has been very varied, everything from paperwork and exciting meetings to acting co-driver on our excursions.

I have always had a great interest in meeting new people and listening to new stories and ideas which I have actually been doing during these weeks. I have the Svecia Travels got a good balance between the practical and the theoretical and have had the opportunity to explore both Östergötland and Västergötland. I have discovered new activities and attractions and gained a much clearer picture of the industry.

I can reveal that I have previously been opposed to practice when I have not found any interesting or instructive internship, but after my four weeks on Svecia Travels have this picture positive change. Now, instead I happily admit that Svecia Travels has been one of my best internships. I'm happy and especially pleased that Svecia Travels was my last-secondary internship. I will take with me a lot from these four weeks, and I'm sure I now have a clearer picture of what I could possibly work with in the future, if not, I at least got a lot of geography lessons.

It is now almost time for me to leave Motala and Östergötland behind me and head home to Småland again, until I thank you warmly for four interesting, eventful and exciting weeks of Svecia Travels. See you again!

CTV 2014 Motala

Bicycle Association's annual Bike Week Tourist comes to Motala in summer

Sol, wind and water is the best that I know. It is hard to imagine anything that reminds us more of summer than just Tedd Gärdestad unforgettable song. It is precisely this line of text that I had at the retina throughout this spring in working. Hopefully these are precisely the elements that you and maybe about 500 other cyclists will take home with them after the summer cycling holiday in Motala.

I Marcus Torstenfelt responsible for all kinds of bicycle issues in Motala Municipality and among other things I'm working right now to achieve a cycle tourist week in and around the Motala. That's why I got Tedd Gärdestad song on the retina.

Motala Bicycle Sculpture

Vättern, Varamon and the canal is frequently visited tourist destination today, which I associate with these elements. With Vätterstranden Round also displays thousands of cyclists every year that it is possible to ride around this deep and very elongated lake. Where would it be more appropriate to locate a cycling holiday than right here?

Motala is this year hosted the Bicycle Association's annual cycle tourism week which takes place during the last week of July. Ride out on Östgötaslätten overlooking Vättern, the visitor center Takern and Omberg or along the Göta Canal old towpaths. Motala Östergötland seaport now cooperating with Vadstena, Mjölby and Ödeshög to jointly produce an exciting experience for you this summer.

Learn more about this week


Marcus Torstenfelt