Theatre year Vadstena

Photo: Barbara Jones

Imagine that Vadstena has its own theater! A theater which offers performances autumn, winter, spring and summer.
The theater consists of fourteen members and expertise within the group is quite impressive. There are singers, actor, directors, scriptwriter, musicians and composers of the gang who rules the roost at the theater on Main Street 19 Vadstena. They produce their own performances, often newly written pieces, ranging from drama to comedy often with music and always with food and drink in connection with performance. An overall concept that audiences love and constantly revisits. The actors themselves serve at the tables is a key element. Many guests feel pampered in a very special way.
Right now, there is feverish activity at Vadstena New Theatre. There are only a few days left until the premiere of Miss Julie

Photo: Barbara Jones

- A crazy story, and the ensemble are fighting to the last with the fine tuning of the show. It is a reinterpretation of the famous play by August Strindberg, where we once get to meet Miss Julie and Jean Butler, twenty years later. An interesting set with lots of lovely folkmusik.Men it will not be long until the next premiere. The 24 March is the premiere of a very contemporary comic murder mystery. In death knocking on follow two couples usually celebrate New Year together. But this year's New Year celebration goes haywire on both the one and the other way, and the evening ends both surprising and sudden death. The show will offer many laughs, little terror, contemporary music and high recognition factor.
These two productions are played in the spring until 6 May. And then, the very beginning of the summer, it will be put on a tribute show to honor Elton John. During some evenings, part of the ensemble to the audience with many of Sir Elton John's classic songs. Many feel it again, but you will also hear music from the bottom of this musical treasure chest. A wonderful evening filled with love, singing and good food.

Photo: Barbara Jones

When the Swedish summer is at its finest, with sun, warmth and a sparkling beautiful Vättern Vadstena the New Theatre to bid on two old favorites. Demand has been so great that the ensemble decided to offer extraordinary performances of both Ellen Key and Light on the Beach and last year's big success Marta – married Soderberg.
The notion of Ellen Key and her last year at the Strand on Omberg, will be played during the first two weeks of July, and then it's time for the exciting play of Hjalmar Söderberg's wife Martha.
But it is already part of the ensemble started planning for this autumn's new dinner show. The premiere will take place on 15 September and it will be treated to much laughter, lovely music, good food and a lot of follies.
As you understand, is not idle at Vadstena New Theatre. Vadstena very own private theater!

Niclas Angerborn, member and actor, Vadstena New Theatre

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Then came Forsviks Use till

Medieval people chose the waterway for journeys. Despite Vätterns known risk of rapidly developing storms with ocean waves, Vättern was chosen for the transport of goods and for their own travel. The choice was obvious for the people of the future - by land certainly had his ways, but there were ways to go anywhere on foot. Medieval roads were bumpy, crooked and almost overgrown in places of brushwood that quickly grown up in the spring. Around Vättern was favorable to settle, partly from fishing and uncomplicated travel to other villages, and partly because in some places there was fertile soil. The waterways made frequent contacts and transport between villages, storgårdar, monasteries and industries possible.

Between northwestern Vättern and Bottensjön it was only a narrow spit of land that needed to be crossed - then it was free path of the Gulf of Bothnia again. The next obstacle to Lake Viken was a little uplift, which contributed to a small waterfall. There was even a passage by land to a few meters, but then it was free way into Lake Viken. In these areas grew up, as well as around Vättern, villages, for trading, large farms and industries. People could easily travel to each other, build ties and build relationships with each other smoothly thanks to the waterways. Shipment of handicraft products, food and raw materials for industry were easy on the water.

It was so Forsviks use came into. We are still unsure of how early forsvik arose. But we know of a deed of gift dated from one of the area's owners, Cecilia Roos Jonsdotter, To Forsviks mill existed 1410. this woman, Norwegian royal birth, donated Forsviks mill to Vadstens monastery years 1410. Just at this rapids, whose area was in the break between Ground Lake and Lake Viken, gave it the name forsvik. It was very messy ownership. Why do we yet do not. Small portions of the land owned by a wide variety of powerful figures; some of the same family, some were not. What characterized the land owners was that they owned the land afar, even in other parts of Sweden and Norway. Was there anything here that was particularly attractive as many powerful wanted a part of? And if so, why? We do not know, than. Research is needed to find out more. But Anyway; The gift to the monastery of Vadstena was the start of a more than a century of industrial activity that reflects the development of our country as an industrial nation.

It was the monks who had the sharpest technology knowledge during the Middle Ages, and it was they who coordinated the so-called grangierna during the 1200s. Grangierna seem to have been those who diligently developed local industries and created ponds around the rapids that could then be used for the extraction of hydro power through the waterwheels. That was what happened at Forsviks mill - when the monks took over from 1410 This was shortly both hammer mill and sawmill, except mill. Here in Forsvik has since been pursued industrial activities of the unprecedented variety - switching between success and bankruptcy and fresh start of the new-time industries have succeeded each other. Today's industries from the 1700s fully visible at Forsviks use. The sawmill was operated during all the centuries, bar iron, pulp, castings, engineering products and electric power; all are examples of what is produced in the subsequent centuries. It was waterwheel-based hydroelectric power that drove the industry in Forsviks use until the beginning of the last century. Sow, find out more and experience Forsviks use in reality - today place a industriminne where history is reflected through the use sort of existence and development of the industry as the foundation for the Sweden we know today.

Camilla Alexandersson
Head, Forsviks use



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Elephant riot in Skänninge

What was that about, riot in Skänninge 1806, said to be caused by a elephant?
The riot actually took place is well documented. For those who want to immerse themselves in the subject, there is a lot of material - everything from student papers with causal analysis to brochures and books.

Here we have recovered fragments of the sequence of events from a brochure issued by the municipality of Mjölby.
The first real elephant came to Sweden 1804. It was a young Asian elephant bull from the then Ceylon, tillhörig Herr Jean Baptiste Gautier, ancestor of Diana Rhodin who currently owns the circus Brazil Jack elephants. Gautier had bought the elephant in London and came through Prussia, Poland, Russia and Finland to Stockholm with his family and caregiver Anton Agazzi. Where it was shown to the public at Brunkebergstorg.

After the elephant exhibited in Stockholm in almost two years, Gautier toured around in Sweden. The elephant was pulled on a carriage pulled by 8 couple of horses and on market day 11 August 1806 reached Skanninge. The elephant was housed in the Town Hall (!) where he was on public display against payment.

The peasantry was curious and there were long queues. But we thought it was expensive
and furthermore did not, that a foreigner had the right to display such an animal against payment. The mayor could show a state but it did not calm the crowd gathered outside the town hall. Fight arose and began to throw stones at the windows, even the mayor was hit by a stone in the head!

The mayor escaped with the help of assistant pastor Sundelius and got safe passage away while people came in to the elephant. They took back 60 crowns and forced Agazzi to give free performances. The next day the mayor managed to keep the people quiet by requisitioning 20 military.

The governor sent a judge to hold hearings with the local register office, but because the peasants threatened to burn down Skanninge about what occurred leading to the prosecution, there was no trial.

Gautier and the elephant then ended up in Denmark, where the elephant is said to have died in a bombardment during the British siege 1807. The elephant appeared then as stuffed in Copenhagen.

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Grand Slam on Vättern - trolling the beautiful lake


In trästadens port.

I reach the harbor at dawn. In the east the sun begins to climb over the lake surface, and when I made avsittning and taken on my fishing clothes spilling an orange light over the rooftops trästadens. Hjo resting in a golden glow, and it's certainly a beautiful morning. In the harbor waiting fishing guide Ove Johansson, who runs the company Charter Fishing, with its well-organized boat. While we greet and pick the equipment turns our guest, Bert Goeree, down to the harbor. Bert is from the Netherlands and owns a large travel agency, used to flying around the world to look upscale destinations, and now he is here, at the lake Vättern.

Both I and Ove is a little excited about today's task. Not that routine, experience and know-how fish are missing - on the contrary. All those portions are obvious, but just this May Day will be the first vårpass on Vättern.

consoling waves & dubbelhugg.

We leave the breakwater in the harbor Hjo behind us, the wind blows from the east and I unzipping. Ove press the throttle and we zooms in 30 knots over the glittering waves, and the småkyliga air strikes against the face. Bert smiles and turns around to see Hjo disappear in the morning land near sjörök. Suddenly Ove turn on the gas and soon we slowly bobbing up in the waves. Only three minutes from the port, we have reached our goal and our Dutch guest looks surprised. I explain quickly to short running times is part of the allure here, it is usually close to good fishing spots and the lake is long and narrow.

We have only been fishing for five minutes when it twitches to two deep-rigging rods - double blow! I take it one rod and Bert takes the second. Ove notes - before we have seen any of the fish - to the case of char, and he is right. Soon, he was raking my fish is a nice piece about two kilograms, We hooks it off and let it swim. Bert Fish is a bit bigger and we retain it so that he can enjoy fresh Vättern char tonight - a delicacy.

DSC_0255_bloggOne fights dressed in silver

Soon we will also experience the moodiness char is known for. Several times, it looks like we've got hearty pacifier, but when we lift the rod's nothing there. Charles can be taken off and it may require some innovative thinking when it exhibits a sullen mood.

I lean back and let the comforting and lulling waves lull me into total relaxation. The sound, the environment and the boat's movements are seductive therapy, relaxing is just the beginning. Suddenly, the heart beats flips! A roll of one of the rods to the left of me starts to whine loudly. From relaxation to adrenaline flowing in a hundredth of a second - typical trolling!

"Great salmon", says our guide without hesitation. I agree with him, no fish showing off the speed register and the will to struggle as the silvery lake salmon has in its repertoire. The rush subsides and Bert lift rod and crank out some meters of line. But it so happens that that can happen in the fishery, Salmon have turned away. Our guest says something in their language, a supposed curse, and then lift the cap for his opponents dressed in silver ...


You can quickly kill time at the lake. They often find themselves in a real vacuum in which the hours just floating back and it will go even faster when hewn pouring. At lunch, go back and baguettes coffee. It tastes particularly good out here on the great expanses of water. Ove steers the boat to a place he calls the "wreckage", here he has the experience been good fishing before, and he wants to give it a try. While we dawdled with lunch starting to creak from one of ytspöna, fish take much line and Bert throws the baguette on the floor to quickly grab the rod.

Soon, he stands back and trills tough fights and we can all say that it certainly concerns a salmon. Bert slide around in the mess slipped on the deck while trying to keep your balance and get some rope on his opponent. The fish is not as big as the one we dropped, but we are still nervous and tense with anticipation. Ten minutes later, the well-traveled Dutchman with great effort landed his first salmon. Five kilos of genuine Vöttern silver shines in håvnätet!

spotted salvation

The hours pass and there will be no more laxhugg. Charles is on the other hand, g, and we land more of these cold-loving beauties. Between hewn I tell about historical fiskafängen on Vättern: large pike, dream-
char, turbocharged salmon and the beautiful…trout. Ove want to make one last attempt at a different place and suddenly control our guide in the direction of Hjo and shallower waters. Ove explains that he has a theory that the trout go closer to shore during this period of the year. A moment later, shows the sonar 18 meter. ”Fisk!", shouts our guide and lift rod. Bert starts cranking, and the line cut laterally from the boat. Both I and Ove look at each other and thinking the same thing - trout!

Grand slam

The fish will soon be within reach of the seas and in the ginklara the water, I can see the steel gray creature. That's what we've been waiting for! Once in håvnätet will be some spontaneous joy before the fish carefully unhooked and then get down to swim in Vättern again. I'm doing the thumbs up to Bert and says; "Grand Slam!". He smiles and pats on the shoulder Ove.

Soon the thunder we come Vättern and country air strikes against us like a wall of heat. It has been cooler on the lake, but we have seen Vättern its best side and took part of a world class fishing. An experience that will warm a long time to come.

John Zafaradl
anglers, Project Leader East & North Skaraborg, editor and writer for fish around Vättern

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Sweden's most secret archipelago


lUNCH BREAK. I stand in the neighborhood sunny nook and turns his face to the sun. Spring's first warming rays keep getting me melt. The comfortable warmth creeping inside tröjkragen. awaited. The thoughts float freely. A memory awakens.

The memory of the glistening waters glitter in Vättern Archipelago. I close my eyes and imagine the small island of where I was last summer stretched out on the warm rock. Remember the silence and the waves. What was the island again? Aspholmen. And, it was probably.
Far out in the North Vättern Archipelago. The sound of the occasional power boats in the distance. Waves that reach the cliff much later. remember silence, only nature that spoke.

Sweden's most secret archipelago? Absolute. It had been easy to find your own cliff to go ashore on. There we had spent a few hours. Talked, slumbered, cate. enjoyed. Filled the soul with stunning views and impressions here in spring's first rays is reappearing in my memory. Just as clear and bright as when. Memories forever I would think.

It had been so easy. My friend and I had a few days off and in a whim decided to rent a couple of kayaks. Where would we go? Vättern archipelago - perhaps Sweden's most secret, why not? A little adventure, just like that. Just the right. Occasionally exciting, in time-consuming and moderately comfortable - Nope, more than that, it was actually; fantastically enjoyable was the!

Kayaking-on-Vättern.-Picture Rights-Vättern Kayaking.We pushed the kayaks at Aspås marina on the western shore of Lake Vättern page, a marina that breathed consideration, responsibility and trust. Stewed little packing into trays and ourselves down in the cockpit – and so away. and immediately: soothing, amazing, magically. From the first paddle stroke. No, I own no words that can describe this experience of nature in a fair manner. It's just my, far into the soul.

Probably noticed that Vättern is a mighty lake where we paddled into the islands. Wild and beautiful at the same time. To the south stretched the lake as far as the eye could reach. Just water. Pacific inclined sailboats in the distance. We could glimpse the Visingsö far away on the horizon? No, probably the islands of Little and Great Röknen, which we realized later, when we studied the sea chart of the Vättern and the archipelago.

We had been lucky with the weather. The lake was still there among the islands, only a small ripple after the winds that crept around the bays. Quiet touched we are among the wooded inserts. Admired rocks where ice and waves left their mark. New views around every cut. One long and still exploring the untouched landscape. ENCHANTING. Traces of the forces of nature everywhere. Polished rocks worn by water and ice next to boulders dropped by the ice. Areas with charred tree logs embedded in the thriving undergrowth gossiped about the forest fires that have put their mark on this ecopark.

And so this crystal clear water. Drinking water. To bathe in drinking water. And, we did it. Hauled us down from the cliff and let us be worn for a while by the glittering waves. Remember feeling like yesterday.

My friend and I had also followed the path that led past our cut and seen us around a little on the island. Picked some blueberries. Found the perfect place for a hammock - if we had had with us such! Archipelago views from Solgläntan between the ancient trees. Here we would come back. I had drawn a small cross on the site of the sea chart when we studied it at the kitchen table much later. Soon, we will also run on a barbecue. Some stones around a simple fireplace and old logs to sit on. We lit a small bonfire and grilled our sausages. Had never tasted so good.

SegelraceHomeward bound at sunset was magical. Here and there we drifted past a stationary and another boat which was moored for the night and quietly fading into the evening's last rays.

A small shadow passed over my face. A single cloud had sailed up the sky and obscured the sun for a few moments where I was standing and warming me on my break. A reminder that it was time to return to work. But tonight, I just decided to call my friend and start making plans for next summer's trip out of Sweden's most secret archipelago. The dream was there and had been brought by the first rays of spring. With a smile on his face, I hurried across the tarmac and cruised between cars and cyclists, warm all over. Warm with anticipation for the coming summer new experiences in Vätterns fantastic archipelago. longing, yearn. Soon summer is here ...

Text: Claudia Lewandowski



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Summer in Hjo

Port · H

You can not say less than idyllic summer Hjo, Wooden Town, is an oasis in the summer. A Trankil place where you get the time and quiet to relax, feel good and just be. This is the water that gives you refreshment, nature reserve in the center that transports you to an almost subtropical zone and idyllic small town that bestows a sense of genuineness and general socializing. And, a place where you can enjoy simply, along with your friends, your family, or maybe just to yourself.

Men, Hjo not only brings relaxation. There is also a lot you can do when all the summer weeks offer all sorts of events that follow one another during June, July and August. Just in July, it is packed and the annual Craft Fair is one of the highlights. This is a weekend that is lined with tradition. In more than 30 years Hjo city park filled with artisans from near and far, and you have the opportunity to visit Hjo right then, 10-12 July, you must remember to put on your comfortable shoes on the market stalls are numerous, the park is great and crafts, Yes there are the amounts of. You name it, you can buy it.

The scene from the sceneThe following weekend, Thursday and Friday 16-17 July, rattling it off when it's time for the annual Harbour Festival. This is a family event for all ages when the whole harbor is filled with visitors and Hjobor flowing to listen to music in different styles. Two days filled with everything from rock music with bands like Neverstore, Bob Hund och the Royal Concept, pop, country music of Tennessee Tears to dance tones of Streaplers or a delightful blend of folk and singer-songwriter tones of Linnea Olsson. And, Music styles are many so there is certainly something that appeals to your needs.

joggingMen, if neither handicraft or music is your thing, then maybe you should instead visit Hjo during Health Week that takes place 29 July 2 August. These five days offer no less than 75 pieces sessions with lectures, exercise, contest, song and dance. In years visited a health week by none other than Emma Igelström and Daniel Mendoza. Emma is one of the most successful swimmers of all time, who have taken no less than four world championship gold medals and twelve European Championships, and during the Health Week will lecture and inspire. Daniel, i sin tur, is the founder of Good News Magazine. He participates in the Health Week to spread their message that focuses on optimism and faith.

So welcome to Hjo in summer. Maybe we'll see you at one of our events, eller så ses vi i glasskön, on the beach or wherever you choose to just be!

Please contact us at Hjo Tourist Office for more tips and ideas! 0503-352 55,,,

Lotta Persson

Photo: Jesper Anhede

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Ingen glass, not toys - guaranteed fun

Johanna caravanWe vacationed Siljan. It was just so-so idyllic as I imagined it would be. Dala Horses and evening swim and shacks. On one occasion, however, everything to go wrong. Nearby Leksand put the signs along the way for a water world.

Fortunately the child's father and I were perfectly synchronized in our horror that rounded up with hundreds of thousands of second sweaty families with children in a fenced water Hell.
"LOOK WHAT A BIG TREE!"Exclaimed we run and got the non-literate children to look the other way. And so we had svischat past the pools and water slides without them ever needed to know what they missed (Until now then. But it should be barred by now.)

People often say that they love to seek out their own small gems beyond the beaten track. Men det vete fan. My experience is that people go on part, terrified to get lost if they deviate in the slightest from the wide, Charted tourist route.

It's both sad and luck. Sad because you miss out on so much adventure, lucky for us who can keep our favorite spots alone. Could it be because they want to have some kind of fortune-guarantee on their holiday, those few days when life should be lived fully? And so one forgets that the only a water park can guarantee is expensive ice cream, poor french and someone slips and settles?

Hamnen2I think it is all about marketing. Smultronställen is simply harder to sell. Take my own personal favorite around Vättern; Röttle by, a few kilometers south of Gränna. An ad for Röttle would sound something like, "No kiosk, ingen glass, no cafes or restaurants, not toys. WELCOME!"

But the fact is that there is a place on earth I spent so many happy days with my children where. Utforskandes Rasmus mill, fascinated watched the mighty waterfall, vandrandes i den trolska bokskogen, lazily spirit picnic on a blanket in the harbor. To say nothing of all the hours that we have collected, Staple, picked and thrown sandwich with all the rocks formed round and smooth by the water. And then have a picnic move on to barbecue with evening swim. Recipe for a successful day? And! Guaranteed fun? And!

Johanna-retroIt's a bit the same with Hallska estate in Granna, where I summertime is my little retro shop. We are ten steps from the main street Brahegatan on a heritage declared yard, We have a very cozy café, an antiquarian, a gallery, a paper workshop and is also Grännas only polkagris free zone – but damn what difficult it is to attract tourists to make a small, slight detour from the tourist path. We hang the flags, pennants and signage, but no. Many simply not dare.

In the summer, perhaps we should simply bet on a big banner reading "GUARANTEED COSY". Or maybe even better: "Water Parks 20 METER”?

Welcome to the Gränna in summer. All who dare shirk polkagriskokerierna get a medal for bravery!

Johanna Linder
freelance journalist, host for Karlavagen P4. Driver summer Grenna Retro on Hallska farm in Gränna. Lives in Gränna.

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Crayfish and "the world's largest exhibition of lithographic art" - in Tidaholm!


Insjokraftfiske_0790 --- Photo-Jonas-IngmanIn the calendar, summer has started but weather-wise, we have not had any summer taste yet. And in two months, it is actually crayfish premiere. This is something that we in Tidaholm looking forward! The crayfish is a big part of the lives tidaholm, Most have grown up as a child of the Cancer Day every year to fish for crabs in Tidan river that runs through town. Also this year, the Cancer Day take place on 7 August, then all children catch crayfish for free in Tidan from five o'clock in the afternoon. On Saturday, 8 August festivities continue with Kräftival on the Old Market Square. On the day there will be fairground, Bakluckeloppis, pony rides and associations that shows up! The evening starts with Quiz Time & sing to then continue with an owl show with Magnus Uggla hits, and ends magnificently with a speedy conduct of Linda Bengtzing. A lovely weekend in Tidaholm!

For those who want to catch crayfish on another occasion, there is the powerhouse which includes both crayfish in a fantastic environment of VinContoret and then crayfish with all accessories belonging to. The packages are suitable for both families with children, couples and groups! Go in and look at to find our packages.

Insjokraftfiske_0018 --- Photo-Jonas-IngmanThe last week of July and first week of August in progress "world's largest exhibition of lithographic art" in Tidaholm. This is associated with a lithographic symposium Tidaholm hosts every four years, then it will artists from around the world. In four exhibition halls will lithographic art displayed, this is a unique opportunity to see the graphic artists from different countries. The 1 August, you can also get your lithographs valued by Peder Lamm, known among other things Antikrundan.

Feel free to contact us at the tourist office for more tips, 0502-606208,,

Welcome to detect Tidaholm in summer!

Ida Elf & Asa Sjögren

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Malin Wistrand

Welcome to Askersund – at Sweden's most secret archipelago!

To work in Askersund vicinity is a great privilege!

Sweden's most secret archipelago

With Hammarsbron in the fund.

Askersund is a summer- and idyllic archipelago with a convivial atmosphere and many regular events. On weekdays, I work at the tourist office and especially in summer is the most common question: - What to see and do here? The question we love to answer! There is certainly plenty to see, discover and do. Everywhere in all directions, we have amazing natural and cultural attractions, Points of Interest, castles and museums and a variety of lodging accommodations and facilities. Many of our guests love to walk along the serene hiking trails and nature reserves with stunning views. Did you know that you can find Sweden's most secret archipelago with us in Askersund?

Sweden's most secret archipelago

We tip almost daily guests on Sweden's most secret islands and many times surprised and astounded those of the fabulous landscape of the archipelago, where the secrets whisper to visitors from the lapping of the waves. In Norra Vättern you will find detailed 250 Islands, islets and rocks are embedded the unique freshwater archipelago and who invites all who visit it on a very special and unforgettable experience!

Here you can hoist the sails or curl up in the kayak cockpit and head out into the vast and pristine archipelago – find your secret spot and let yourself be touched by the beautiful idyllic archipelago. Slip into the sparkling crystal clear water and cool off after relaxing moments on the sun-warmed rocks.

Nature Ports& Guest harbors

Askersunds port

Askersunds port.

Some of our guests come with their own boat to us and we usually tell whether our relatively newly built marina and set in place Askersunds port or on the wide range of natural harbors in unconstrained situations in the archipelago.

Several of the islands of the archipelago are equipped with both toilet, bin and barbecue areas. On some of the islands are also allowed to stay overnight in tents or in shelters. Here you can sleep well!

From the archipelago is always near guest harbors and service. In several places you can call into a bridge to either to simply enjoy, going to a restaurant visit, play golf or attend a castle tours?

Tivedens National Park

Hiking in Tiveden

Exciting hiking in Tiveden forests.

Many of our guests want to combine their stay with us with both the archipelago and the virgin forest. Then we recommend including a visit to Sweden's southernmost forest Tiveden Tiveden National Park, which is just outside Askersund. Based on the national park there are several hiking trails in different directions. Many of our guests choose the summertime to comply with a knowledgeable guide that tells you more about the area, legends, history and other interesting facts about the Tiveden.

In other words, there is a lot to discover and see. If you want, you are always welcome to us at Tourist- & Events Agency.

We help you to find your adventure!


Malin Wistrand

PS. See also our own page with more pictures

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Vätternrundan results of a research experiment

I år, 2015, running the 50:e Vätternrundan. Perhaps it was the start of the motionscykelvåg that just increases and increases. The story of how Vätternrundan came to the familiar, and can be told over and over again. But what was really the people, with not too accurate for-preparations, and above all, without any adapted for the purpose equipment, cycled 30 mil around Sweden's second largest lake? And why did they do it?

Stone-Otto Liljedahl

Stone-Otto Liljedahl

Motala Bördige doctor and later professor Sten Otto Liljedahl came after half of his career to take an interest also for their own health. Running and skiing took less good, but the bike worked better.

The 40-year-old Liljedahl wanted to have a goal with his training. To ride the 30 mile round Vättern was the first. But as usual, put the then Docent Liljedahl not himself in the first room. In the local newspaper one day after the race he explained that bike adventure was part of a research project. The reporter asks: "Why do you do these experiments with yourself?"

"Already, because I want to know what I'm talking about, so that no one can come and say that it's just theories. This experiment is part of a long chain of other samples that we made at the Karolinska Institute. Immediately after this I aim to make multiple checks on a larger number of people. These will undergo similar trials that we are now undergoing ", responds Stone-Otto Liljedahl.

Which therefore needed a companion who could control the heart rate and other body functions during the journey.

The family Liljedahl

- To begin with, there was talk that I would follow, says Sten-Otto's wife Ingrid Liljedahl.

- I thought we would take a week at us around the lake, but when I got clear to me that it would be done in a day I backed out.

Cut out Motala Journal 198 1964. Stop in karlsborg during the Stone-Otto Liljedahls and Evert Rydell's first round.

Cut out Motala Journal 198 1964. Stop in karlsborg during the Stone-Otto Liljedahls and Evert Rydell's first round.

We found Ingrid and parts of stone-Otto Liljedahls family in the house on Granvägen 2 Motala, i Varamon, where it all started. Then Stone-Otto Liljedahls summer house, today residence for his son Peter with family.

Peter is gearing up for its third round, again with the start number 1, which is reserved to the family. Earlier rounds of Peter was the anniversary years 1987 and 1990. Around the table are also the daughters Eva and Karin who made the respective round, both 1985. With also Karin's son, Marcus, who will make his first race this anniversary year.

Once Vätternrundan became an official and growing races did place first as the start and finish, and many years after that as a center for all the family Liljedahls acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances during round.

- It was like a Bedouin camp with tents everywhere and lots of people, continues -Ingrid who took it upon himself to make porridge, bake pancakes and cook steaks to all gathered in Varamon.

Idrottsläkarnas fader

If Stone-Otto Liljedahl is known to posterity as one of Vätternrundan founder as it is for many perhaps easy to overlook what he accomplished as a doctor and became known both among colleagues of a whole world of sport.

In medical circles called Stone-Otto Liljedahl as "The father of sports medicine" - sports physicians father.

- My father realized that it was possible to do much more for active athletes who suffered damage, says Peter Liljedahl. A sprained ankle, a broken knee or a damaged hip could spoil an entire sports career while waiting for the regular care.

So it was that way-Otto Liljedahl already 1958 became the football team doctor, and later also the Medical Director of the Swedish Olympic team - during the entire six Olympic Games, from Rome 1960 to Moscow 1980.

From near and far

Granvägen 2 was the summer home and Motala place for relaxation. But so relaxing it was rarely.

- He was passionate about his work and was incredibly involved in everything and everyone, and, most incredibly helpful. Hit came athletes from far and wide, known and unknown, says Ingrid and talks about all the memories when injured athletes literally stood in line outside the summer house of stone-Otto would review their X-rays.

Stone-Otto Liljedahl was a surgeon at the Karolinska in Stockholm and went on to become a professor at Linköping Hospital. Linköping, he moved not only himself, his work and his family. He was joined by a long list of talented colleagues, laying the foundations of the prominent university hospitals Linkoping boasts today.

Of knee arthroscopy and the recognized burn clinic at Linköping University Hospital's other famous works autographed Stone-Otto Liljedahl.


(The article published in this year's edition of the newspaper around Vättern)

Gathered in the hall of the former summer house, nowadays the villa on Granvägen 2, Karin, Ingrid, Peter, Eva and Marcus. We also glimpsed Stone-Otto Liljedahls cycle that Peter will now get on for the third time with the start number 1.

Gathered in the hall of the former summer house, nowadays the villa on Granvägen 2, Karin, Ingrid, Peter, Eva and Marcus. We also glimpsed Stone-Otto Liljedahls cycle that Peter will now get on for the third time with the start number 1.

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