Adventurous aims to Habo

Hakan and Jessica Hagård runs an adventure center on his farm outside Habo.

For the adventurous thrill seeker and physical challenges in the open is Hagårds Lagård in Habo a must. Here the family Hagård in recent years built up an adventure park in beautiful environment with a challenging high rope course, cableway with 500 meter ziplines, climbing wall, Combined Events, paintball and various kinds of shooting. Hagårds barn is on the family farm Julared dating back to the 1600s, on page spouse Håkans, says Jessica. Self she comes from Ornskoldsvik, but has lived here since 1995.
- We did not want to have their own animals, and wondered what we could do with all the old buildings, and then we realized that it would be a fun idea to build a large playground for children and adults, she says. Habo is an idyllic and peaceful society with Habo old wooden church, famous for its wood paintings, fishing in Hökensås and rural café Pleasurable.
- But we lacked adventure activities, So where are we an option. Normally works Jessica rural development in Agriculture, and think it's fun to be able to contribute to something that can develop rural areas. The family's four children are also involved in helping the company.
- It is of course much work we put into this, but it is fun to do something together. They will both private individuals and booked groups, both experienced adventurers beginners, but it is required to have a certain balance and courage.
- We hold firmly to the security so there can feel secure. There is also a café with locally produced ice cream, and a conference room- and dining. It is popular with hen, stag, compounds and groups to book for a moment together adventurous.