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To live, living and working in paradise!

Forsvik, this paradise on earth, an industrial community dating back to the 1400's where the canal's oldest simple sluice lifting boats to its highest water and visitors gather to view this historical invention. This is where I live, here, I live here and I run together with my partner two summer shops and a set place for campers and caravans. Att […]

Theatre year Vadstena

Imagine that Vadstena has its own theater! A theater which offers performances autumn, winter, spring and summer. The theater consists of fourteen members and expertise within the group is quite impressive. There are singers, actor, directors, scriptwriter, musicians and composers of the gang who rules the roost at the theater on Main Street 19 Vadstena. They produce their own performances, […]

Then came Forsviks Use till

Medieval people chose the waterway for journeys. Despite Vätterns known risk of rapidly developing storms with ocean waves, Vättern was chosen for the transport of goods and for their own travel. The choice was obvious for the people of the future - by land certainly had his ways, but there were ways to go anywhere on foot. Medieval roads were bumpy, […]

Elephant riot in Skänninge

What was that about, riot in Skänninge 1806, som sägs ha förorsakats av en elefant? The riot actually took place is well documented. For those who want to immerse themselves in the subject, there is a lot of material - everything from student papers with causal analysis to brochures and books. Här har vi hämtat brottstycken av händelseförloppet ur en broschyr […]

Grand Slam on Vättern - trolling the beautiful lake

In trästadens port. I reach the harbor at dawn. In the east the sun begins to climb over the lake surface, and when I made avsittning and taken on my fishing clothes spilling an orange light over the rooftops trästadens. Hjo resting in a golden glow, and it's certainly a beautiful morning. In the harbor waiting fishing guide Ove Johansson, that operates […]

Sweden's most secret archipelago

lUNCH BREAK. I stand in the neighborhood sunny nook and turns his face to the sun. Spring's first warming rays keep getting me melt. The comfortable warmth creeping inside tröjkragen. awaited. The thoughts float freely. A memory awakens. The memory of the glistening waters glitter in Vättern Archipelago. I close my eyes and imagine the small island of where I was last summer stretched […]

Summer in Hjo

You can not say less than idyllic summer Hjo, Wooden Town, is an oasis in the summer. A Trankil place where you get the time and quiet to relax, feel good and just be. This is the water that gives you refreshment, naturreservatet mitt i centrum som förflyttar dig till en nästan subtropisk zon och småstadsidyllen […]

Ingen glass, not toys - guaranteed fun

We vacationed Siljan. It was just so-so idyllic as I imagined it would be. Dala Horses and evening swim and shacks. On one occasion, however, everything to go wrong. Nearby Leksand put the signs along the way for a water world. Lyckligtvis var barnafadern och jag var perfekt synkroniserade i vår […]

Welcome to Askersund – at Sweden's most secret archipelago!

To work in Askersund vicinity is a great privilege! Askersund is a summer- and idyllic archipelago with a convivial atmosphere and many regular events. On weekdays, I work at the tourist office and especially in summer is the most common question: - What to see and do here? The question we love to answer! There are really lots of […]