To live, living and working in paradise!

Forsvik, this paradise on earth, an industrial community dating back to the 1400's where the canal's oldest simple sluice lifting boats to its highest water and visitors gather to view this historical invention. This is where I live, here, I live here and I run together with my partner two summer shops and a set place for campers and caravans.

To live in the water brings peace and joy, its gurgling sounds, its movement, and its ability to find new ways of making water into a source of inspiration in all its simplicity. To see the sunlight reflected in the color scale nuances when it breaks the surface of the water is a delight for both the outer and inner eye.

Year in Forsvik is changing, During the period from October to March, you can almost believe that the village is uninhabited, all pulling in their cabins and doors closed again. Slussens rushing water becomes stationary, cafes and shops hibernate, Visitors stepping off and at the same rate as the darkness takes power descends silence over the canal. everything rests. But so, a sunny April day they will return, forsvikarna, the first tourists, campers, migratory birds, and slowly awakens everything back to life.

At the end of May is the transformation complete, all businesses are reopening, the boats have returned and lock serves its purpose again, My shops rolls sales started and we enjoy being at the beginning of summer season. Forsvik we celebrate forsvik Days and Children forsvik every summer, Two events that are popular with many return visitors. Our proximity to Karlsborg (thousand) makes us a popular destination where that day tourist can visit two beautiful places in the same day.

Our absolute proximity to Lake Vättern gives another dimension, to be part of a larger context is a security, around Vättern are many forsvik, Thus, many small paradise worth visiting. Take time this summer to explore Sweden and all its gems, and you, please come and visit me in Forsvik!

By the pen

Lotta Haskovec, Forsvik

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