Grand Slam on Vättern - trolling the beautiful lake


In trästadens port.

I reach the harbor at dawn. In the east the sun begins to climb over the lake surface, and when I made avsittning and taken on my fishing clothes spilling an orange light over the rooftops trästadens. Hjo resting in a golden glow, and it's certainly a beautiful morning. In the harbor waiting fishing guide Ove Johansson, who runs the company Charter Fishing, with its well-organized boat. While we greet and pick the equipment turns our guest, Bert Goeree, down to the harbor. Bert is from the Netherlands and owns a large travel agency, used to flying around the world to look upscale destinations, and now he is here, at the lake Vättern.

Both I and Ove is a little excited about today's task. Not that routine, experience and know-how fish are missing - on the contrary. All those portions are obvious, but just this May Day will be the first vårpass on Vättern.

consoling waves & dubbelhugg.

We leave the breakwater in the harbor Hjo behind us, the wind blows from the east and I unzipping. Ove press the throttle and we zooms in 30 knots over the glittering waves, and the småkyliga air strikes against the face. Bert smiles and turns around to see Hjo disappear in the morning land near sjörök. Suddenly Ove turn on the gas and soon we slowly bobbing up in the waves. Only three minutes from the port, we have reached our goal and our Dutch guest looks surprised. I explain quickly to short running times is part of the allure here, it is usually close to good fishing spots and the lake is long and narrow.

We have only been fishing for five minutes when it twitches to two deep-rigging rods - double blow! I take it one rod and Bert takes the second. Ove notes - before we have seen any of the fish - to the case of char, and he is right. Soon, he was raking my fish is a nice piece about two kilograms, We hooks it off and let it swim. Bert Fish is a bit bigger and we retain it so that he can enjoy fresh Vättern char tonight - a delicacy.

DSC_0255_bloggOne fights dressed in silver

Soon we will also experience the moodiness char is known for. Several times, it looks like we've got hearty pacifier, but when we lift the rod's nothing there. Charles can be taken off and it may require some innovative thinking when it exhibits a sullen mood.

I lean back and let the comforting and lulling waves lull me into total relaxation. The sound, the environment and the boat's movements are seductive therapy, relaxing is just the beginning. Suddenly, the heart beats flips! A roll of one of the rods to the left of me starts to whine loudly. From relaxation to adrenaline flowing in a hundredth of a second - typical trolling!

"Great salmon", says our guide without hesitation. I agree with him, no fish showing off the speed register and the will to struggle as the silvery lake salmon has in its repertoire. The rush subsides and Bert lift rod and crank out some meters of line. But it so happens that that can happen in the fishery, Salmon have turned away. Our guest says something in their language, a supposed curse, and then lift the cap for his opponents dressed in silver ...


You can quickly kill time at the lake. They often find themselves in a real vacuum in which the hours just floating back and it will go even faster when hewn pouring. At lunch, go back and baguettes coffee. It tastes particularly good out here on the great expanses of water. Ove steers the boat to a place he calls the "wreckage", here he has the experience been good fishing before, and he wants to give it a try. While we dawdled with lunch starting to creak from one of ytspöna, fish take much line and Bert throws the baguette on the floor to quickly grab the rod.

Soon, he stands back and trills tough fights and we can all say that it certainly concerns a salmon. Bert slide around in the mess slipped on the deck while trying to keep your balance and get some rope on his opponent. The fish is not as big as the one we dropped, but we are still nervous and tense with anticipation. Ten minutes later, the well-traveled Dutchman with great effort landed his first salmon. Five kilos of genuine Vöttern silver shines in håvnätet!

spotted salvation

The hours pass and there will be no more laxhugg. Charles is on the other hand, g, and we land more of these cold-loving beauties. Between hewn I tell about historical fiskafängen on Vättern: large pike, dream-
char, turbocharged salmon and the beautiful…trout. Ove want to make one last attempt at a different place and suddenly control our guide in the direction of Hjo and shallower waters. Ove explains that he has a theory that the trout go closer to shore during this period of the year. A moment later, shows the sonar 18 meter. ”Fisk!", shouts our guide and lift rod. Bert starts cranking, and the line cut laterally from the boat. Both I and Ove look at each other and thinking the same thing - trout!

Grand slam

The fish will soon be within reach of the seas and in the ginklara the water, I can see the steel gray creature. That's what we've been waiting for! Once in håvnätet will be some spontaneous joy before the fish carefully unhooked and then get down to swim in Vättern again. I'm doing the thumbs up to Bert and says; "Grand Slam!". He smiles and pats on the shoulder Ove.

Soon the thunder we come Vättern and country air strikes against us like a wall of heat. It has been cooler on the lake, but we have seen Vättern its best side and took part of a world class fishing. An experience that will warm a long time to come.

John Zafaradl
anglers, Project Leader East & North Skaraborg, editor and writer for fish around Vättern