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The population is growing - more people are choosing to move here. Over the past ten years, the population of the municipality of Mjölby increased by over 1000 people - we are proud of this.

2016 is a historic year in Mjölby. It is now 750 years ago Birger Magnusson of Bjälbo - Sweden's most powerful earl - left the earthly life of 750 years ago and the year 1266. We know his name as best Birger Jarl, he became the king's closest man and the country's highest official.

He gave the country its first laws and due-
let Stockholm. We will pay attention to this historic year mainly Bjälbo church where Birger Jarl was born 1210. The church is located on the plains of Östergötland near Skänninge. Here are organized summer tours of Bjälbo church that was Bjälbo dynasty / Folkunga dynasty ordinary goods and Birger Jarl's history. Times for guided tours on the website are www.visitostergotland.se/mjolby.
The medieval town of Skänninge with its exciting history shows up naturally, but also from some other angles. Why not come here and go for a hike in the Town Hall attic or basement? Or visit one of the Old Skänninge museum farms in the room that you have never seen before. Hear the story of the elephant riot in the city! Keep an eye on our website for times www.visitostergotland.se/mjolby
This is just a sample of what is happening in Mjölby Municipality 2016. More tips on attractions and events can be found on our website www.visitostergotland.se/mjolby or Mjölby / Skänninge Tourist Office Facebook Page. On the website you can free download our tourist brochures.
Welcome to our fabulous countryside!

Three musts

Experience a medeltidsdag. Try to how it was to live in medieval times in a day in Skänninge. Crafts, With, music, in, baking, lectures and much more during this first children's day in the Skanninge 17 september.

Shop locally produced – Right in the vegetable garden. In Mjölby experience that one has come to the heart of the fertile plains of Östergötland. Here grown much potatoes but also vegetables and fruit. The area also has plenty of meat- and egg producers. You can shop locally grown products in a number of farm shops. The 17 September Skanninge their own Harvest Market on the Square

Motor. Mantorp Park is known for its motorsports. Racing at the highest level to the nostalgic racing with vehicles from the days of old. Or why not test your own car on the "Track Monday" or "Test Tuesday"! During the National Day celebrations, it is also the motor on the agenda of cruising and exhibitions in Skänninge. Daylight arranged meetings with vintage cars on Ekliden in Västra Harg on Mondays.

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